10 Reasons to Take a Cruise This Year 

10 Reasons to Take a Cruise This Year 

July 29, 2017 Off By Coupon Writer
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Taking a cruise can be a great alternative to a conventional land-based holiday, and the good news is it is no longer the preserve of the rich and wealthy with so many affordable deals now available online. If you’ve never booked a cruise, here are 10 reasons why a cruise may be the perfect holiday for you.

1. Many places for the price of one

Travelling to six, seven, or eight destinations independently, finding decent accommodation to stay each night and packing and unpacking each day would probably be far from relaxing for most people. When you take a cruise, not only do you take your swish looking cabin around with you, but you’ll only have to unpack once. You’ll see so much with minimum hassle.

2. All meals included

Not only is the food included, but the standard is usually gourmet level. Of course you can go all-inclusive on a land-based holiday, but you would be hard pressed to be treated day after day to the same high standards as what you will find on most cruise ships and for the same value.

2. Great entertainment

Imagine having West End style theatres and performances just a short stroll from your room night after night. Comedies, cabarets, concerts, plays and great musical performances are all just a short hop from your room on a cruise. Also, you have no worries about getting back home, as it’s all on ship. Usually, that level of entertainment would cost an arm and a leg on a land-based conventional holiday. On a cruise, it’s all thrown in, which makes for such unbeatable value.


3. Facilities

Everything under one roof sums up the facilities on hand when you’re aboard a cruise liner. Whether you want to take a dip in the pool or Jacuzzi, pamper yourself with an ultra-relaxing spa session, or even get some golf in, everything can be found on board. Add to that entertainment for the kids, such as artificial rock climbing walls and a host of fun clubs, then you can see why cruises are suiting more and more people these days.

5. Cut down transport costs

Think of the saving you’ll make on taxis and busses too. During a conventional holiday, you have to work out bus routes, usually in another language, and negotiate taxis, which can be both be stressful and the fear of being overcharged can put a real dampener on the day. On a cruise liner you have everything under one gigantic floating roof so you don’t have to worry about transport at all. It’s all taken care of when you opt for a cruise holiday. Best of all, you’ll make a saving on transport costs.

6. So many activities

cruise ship activities

A lot of first-time cruisers are pleasantly surprised to discover the vast array of activities available on offer, including art and dance lessons, photography classes, fascinating lectures, and even wine tasting. Not only is a cruise a wonderful way to relax, but it also affords many opportunities to expand your intellectual and cultural horizons.

7. Get a taste of new destinations

You can use short stop-offs as a taste-test for future holidays. Most people will just turn up in a country they’ve never been to before for their conventional holidays with no real way of knowing whether they’re going to like it or not. When you take a cruise, you can test the waters first. It will save you spending large sums of money on destinations you’re not sure you’ll like. On a cruise, you get to try before you buy. If a certain place doesn’t quite do it for you, you head back to the ship, enjoy your evening meal, a few drinks and entertainment, and it’s off to someplace else the following day.

8. Perfect for families with children

If you have little ones with you on holiday, it can be a real worry letting them go off by themselves. On a cruise, you’ll find clubs catering to younger passengers of all ages and dispositions. Also, knowing that they’re never going to be too far away ensures peace of mind.

9. Proximity of major attractions

Usually, when you dock, most of the major attractions are in close proximity. Often, exotic locations such as vibrant, colourful Havana are just a gentle walk from the moment you step on land. The same could be said for many other locations. Many and varied cultural delights await you every day (except at-sea days, but they are ultra relaxing anyway).

10. Relax in your cabin

Regardless of how you’ve spent your day, you can look forward to getting back to a spotless and comfortable cabin when you return. The rooms are cleaned to a very high standard and are a delight to relax in, particularly if you opt for a room with a balcony, or at least an outside view. If you’ve been exploring Aruba or Barbados by day, taking pictures of photogenic Havana, or marvelling at the high rises in Dubai, you can switch off and relax in style when you get back to your cabin before getting ready to enjoy the night’s entertainment, which are all just a stone’s throw from your room.   

So if you’re thinking about options for this year’s holiday, consider taking a cruise. You’ll soon see why many holidaymakers get hooked once they have a taste of how perfect a cruise holiday is.