5 Best Online Class Websites

5 Best Online Class Websites

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The Best Ways To Learn Online.

Do you like taking online classes? Or perhaps you are curious about it, wondering if doing so is the ideal choice for you. Well, we have a real treat for you: our 5 Best Online Class Websites. Here you’ll find online sites that offer top-notch classes on business, personal improvement, hobbies, languages and much more. Let’s talk about what makes these sites ideal to learn something new or to continue improving your skills.

#1. Udemy.com

At Udemy you’ll be pleased to know that every Instructor is a dedicated expert of their topic. Udemy has a review board that approves (or unapproves) all the courses on their website. And there is also an amazing wide range of topics to choose from! You can learn a new language, take a yoga class or develop business skills to create a startup or develop your career.

best online course websites

With online courses you can study anywhere.

Courses are given mainly through web-videos, although they are almost always supported with supplemental materials prepared by the instructor. These materials tend to be PDFs, Word docs or audio files to help you absorb all the information being thrown at you in each course. You have access for 30 days during your course to a forum/message board where you can interact with the Instructor and ask questions. Otherwise you have lifetime access to the course.

Price: Most courses range from $29 – $299, discounts and coupons are also offered.

An example of a few of the classes you’ll find there:

#2 Lynda.com

lynda.com - best online class websites

Lynda.com specializes in courses related to technology.

At this site you’ll be able to enhance your business, as well as improve your technology and creative skills. This is what Lynda.com specializes in. You’ll find courses in Web Development, Design, Website Creation, Photography, Business, Education, 3D Animation, Video, and Audio Music. Classes are taught by experts in their fields who are passionate about teaching you the skills that you need.

This is certainly an online learning marketplace to look at if you would like to enhance your business, technology or creative skills. You will not find hobby or personal interest classes such as health or learning a language.

If you are curious about trying Lynda, consider giving their free trial a chance. You can also be their Facebook fan and they will share several free classes each month, they offer a variety of courses that people can try.

Price: They offer a free trial of 2 weeks. Lynda is $25 a month and you can take as many classes as you would like.

A few of the classes you’ll find there:

Insights on the Game Industry Start-Ups: John Romero

InDesign Secrets with David Blatner and Anne-Marie Concepcion

WordPress and Genesis: Building Child Themes by Scratch with Carrie Dils

Communication Tips with Tatiana Kolovou and Brenda Bailey-Hughes

#3 Coursera

If you’d like to take courses at some of U.S.A. and the world’s top colleges and universities, then you’ll want to check out Coursera. Because most of them are available for free and those that have a fee are very budget friendly. This is the site where you’ll find courses ideal both for career and personal development. You’ll find courses in Arts and Humanities, Business, Computer Sciences, Data Sciences, Life Sciences, Math and Logic, Personal Development, Physical Science and Engineering and Social Sciences.

Price: While most Coursera’s courses are free, some are only available for a fee. Many instructors assign a textbook and recommended reading, so you may have to purchase books if you cannot find them at the local library to get the most out of your course.

A few of the courses you’ll find there:

Programming for Everybody (Getting Started with Python) – University of Michigan

Grammar and Punctuation – University of California, Irvine

TESOL Certificate, Part 1: Teach English Now! – Arizona State University

Launch Your Career in Data Science – Johns Hopkins University

#4 Treehouse

This online learning marketplace is the site to choose if you would like to learn technology, creative and business skills. You’ll appreciate Treehouse’s friendly approach to helping you learn sometimes highly technical skills and breaking them into simple steps. This is a site to check out if you want to learn Game Development or how to be a computer programmer. You can learn how to program Android apps or for iOS. Learn Java, HTML, CSS and C#, all well-known languages used with many computer programming projects. They also offer business and design courses. Courses are delivered through videos that are instructed by experts in their field and are fun to watch.

Price: They have 2 membership levels: a Basic plan for $25 a month and a Pro plan for $49 a month.

A few of the courses you’ll find there:

Build a Self-Destructing Message Android App

SEO Basics


Mobile Game Design

#5 Khan Academy

The mission of Khan Academy is to “provide a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere.” You’ll be instructed through videos, exercises and a dashboard system that is interactive. Lessons are self-study and are done at your own pace. Whether you want to learn for business or for personal improvement, you’ll find courses that are great for you. At Khan Academy there are courses in math, computer programming, science, art history, economics, history, English, languages and more. One of the things you’ll appreciate about Khan Academy is that you can “brush up” on elementary school through high school level skills if this is a goal, such as Precalculus or Algebra. You’ll find courses from top organizations and institutions including NASA and MIT.

Price: all courses are free.

A few of the courses you’ll find here:

Here is a link to the section where you will find all of the courses, we can’t link directly to each course individually.

Test prep, including the 2016 SATs



Art history basics