Air France Coupon Codes

Air France Coupon Codes

July 15, 2018 Off By Coupon Writer

Best Air France Promo Codes Right Now:

Saving money on airfare is always a great idea, especially when you are thinking of booking an international flight where each ticket will cost several hundred dollars or more. Air France is one of the largest carriers in Europe, so there is a good chance you may be considering one of their routes if you are going to be visiting a variety of European countries on an upcoming vacation.

To save on your airfare, please take a moment to check out the coupon codes below. These codes have been collected for your benefit, and we have taken the step of testing them on a weekly basis to ensure they are still valid and will be able to save you money. There is no point in rushing into a purchase as large as international airline tickets, so take your time to find the perfect coupon code to maximize your savings.

London to New York for $541 round trip

Air France is currently offering round trip flights from New York to London for the very low price of $541.

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Air France Best Offers Page

Not sure where you want to go? Take a look at the best offers currently available from Air France to help narrow down your choices!

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US Destination of the Month

Every month Air France features deals on flights to exotic locations from different US cities.

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Economy Fare Best Offers

The cheapest flights available in economy class from New York, Seattle, and other major cities.

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Premium Economy Best Offers

Available on flights from New York, the premium economy cabin gives you more room, a complimentary travel kit, and other perks.

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First Class Best Offers

The premiere way to travel, check out these deals from Washington, San Francisco, New York, and Los Angeles.

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How to use Air France Coupons

When you visit the Air France site to book your trip, you may have a little bit of trouble finding exactly where you need to enter your code to earn your savings. If that is the case, the guide below is just the tool for the job. Review the instructions below before returning to the Air France site, and you should have no trouble entering the coupon code of your choice.

The space to enter coupons is on the 3rd step of the checkout process, the tab is called ‘Personal Information’. Under the ‘Personal Details’ box is one labeled ‘Discount Code/discount voucher’. Click on the ‘Show Details’ link to the right to expand the box. Then, you can enter your code and continue with the checkout process. The discount will be shown on the payment page.

air france coupon guide

A Little Background Info on Air France:

The history of Air France dates back to the early days of commercial aviation, having been founded in 1933. It has at times been the largest airline in Europe, and it continues to operate as one of the biggest in the world to this day. Currently, the airline uses 235 planes to take passengers all around the globe to a total of 204 destinations. Nearly 70,000 people are employed by Air France, and there were almost 60,000,000 passengers served in 2011 alone.

As is the case with many modern airlines, the fleet that is used by Air France is a combination of Airbus and Boeing planes. The Airbus A380, A319, and A320 are popular within the fleet, as is the Boeing 777. While the fleet is a mix of planes from each of these well-known plane builders, the majority of the planes flying under the Air France umbrella are of the Airbus variety.

One of the notable programs that has been operated by Air France was the supersonic flights that were available from Paris to a select number of destinations. These flights took place on the famous Concorde airplane, which was capable of travel at speeds simply not possible on a traditional jet. For instance, the trip from Paris to New York could be completed in just 3 hours and 23 minutes – and incredible rate of travel. British Airways was the only other airline to offer supersonic flights on a regular basis, however this program was discontinued in 2003.

Air France on the Web:

If you were to judge the success of a social media campaign simply by the number of people that it has connected with, you would have to say that Air France has run one of the most successful campaigns in the industry. An incredible amount of people have ‘liked’ the Air France Facebook page – well over 5,000,000. There are frequently responses posted to comments or questions left by consumers, so the company seems to be engaged in providing a quality experience for social media users.

While the Twitter account for Air France has ‘only’ around 200,000 followers, it is still a very useful account for consumers to follow for information and entertainment. The tweets sent out by the company include some fun pictures and videos, and you might even get a great idea for your next vacation destination. As is the case with many commercial accounts, Air France also will give retweets to satisfied customers from time to time who have made mention of the airline in their own messages.

Air France on YouTube:

Air France, in addition to being adept at using Facebook and Twitter, also seems to have a good handle on how to use YouTube in a productive manner. There are a number of videos posted to their channel, including an interesting series of tips for those who will be visiting France on vacation or business. They typically post a few videos per month, so the account is worth keeping track of – specifically if you are an international traveler who will making your way through France sometime in the near future.