Air New Zealand Promo Code

Air New Zealand Promo Code

May 30, 2018 Off By Coupon Writer

Air New Zealand Coupon Codes for September 2020

air new zealand promo code
New Zealand is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and taking a vacation to this island nation is a dream of a lifetime for many people. If you have decided that you are going to embark on such a trip, you will want to explore every avenue possible in order to save money on the flight. Flying to such a far off destination is an expensive endeavor, so even saving 5% or 10% on the trip will make a big difference.

Because these savings can be so helpful, we have scoured the web to find the best Air New Zealand coupon codes for you to use. Rather than wasting your time searching the web yourself for these codes, simply consult the list below and choose the one that is best suited to your needs. All of the codes are tested on a regular basis, so you can be sure this list remains up to date. Thanks for visiting, and travel safe!

Best Air New Zealand Coupons Right Now:

Save Up To $600 an Adult Round-Trip Fare

Save up to $600 off the base fare for an adult round-trip when you use this coupon code. The exact savings vary per person.

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Get up to $400 Discount on Adult Round-trip Base Fares

Save up to $400 off an adult round-trip base fare when you use this discount code.

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Save up to $200 Off Adult Round-Trip Base Fares

This promo code could save you up to $200 off adult round-trip base fares.

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Save £20 Off Return Flights From Heathrow to Los Angeles

For the new year, Air New Zealand is offering a promo code for its Heathrow to Los Angeles route. This promotion applies only to Economy class return flights, but it is valid for travel up until January 31st, 2017.

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Save £40 on Economy Return Flights from London Heathrow to Auckland

Book your trip from London Heathrow to Auckland New Zealand and save £40 off your airfare when you use this promo code.

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£14 discount off Economy Class return flights from Heathrow to Los Angeles

Fly from Heathrow Airport to Los Angeles in 2016 and save £14 off the cost of your ticket.

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Take £20 off return flights to Los Angeles

Fly to LA with Air New Zealand and take a full £20 off when you use this discount code.

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How to use Air New Zealand Coupons

It isn’t always easy to find the appropriate box to enter your coupon codes when getting ready to make a purchase. If you can’t find the right box on the Air New Zealand website, the guide we have provided below should help. Take a quick look at these directions and then get ready to save.

  1. Entering the discount code in the appropriate box is fairly straightforward with Air New Zealand. You just need to know that the ‘promo code’ entry field is on the very first page of the website.
  2. Our coupons will take you right to the specific city landing page (for example, ‘Los Angeles’). On the right there’s a black button that says “Book Now”. Click it.
  3. That area will expand and give you a calendar for you to choose your travel dates. The promo code entry field is directly below the calendar:
    air new zealand promo code
  4. Enter the coupon and click ‘Apply’. The discounted price will be included in your subtotal after you choose your specific flights.

A Little Background Info on Air New Zealand:

Founded all the way back in 1940, Air New Zealand began simply by offering flights back and forth between New Zealand and Australia. As the years went by and air travel advanced, the airline moved on to offering flights to a number of locations around the world.

Today, their fleet of 106 planes serves a total of 55 destinations, making Air New Zealand a major player in international travel. The company has more than 10,000 employees, and it transports passengers on a fleet that is composed mostly of the Boeing 777 and the Airbus A320.

The airline has a great reputation within the travel world, having twice been named Airline of the Year in recent years by Air Transport World. Along with all of the major cities in New Zealand and Australia, Air New Zealand also serves some of the major hubs in the world such as Los Angeles and London. The destinations that are served by this airline are either served directly by Air New Zealand, or by one of its subsidiary airlines.

Obviously, due to its geographic location, flights to and from New Zealand tend to be long ones. Therefore, the in-cabin experience offered on their flights is particularly important to keep passengers comfortable over a long-haul trip. Many upgrades have been made to their cabins including mood lighting, personal LCD screens, and more.

Air New Zealand on the Web:

Facebook – The people of New Zealand are well-known for their laid back style and their friendly personalities – and that attitude is certainly reflected on the Facebook page of Air New Zealand. While some business social media pages can be stuffy and dry, this page is quite the opposite. Many of the posts show personality and and a sense of humor, so it is often like reading posts from a friend rather than from a company. This approach to their social marketing is obviously working – the page has been liked well over 1 million times.

Twitter – Not surprisingly, the Twitter account for Air New Zealand is run in much the same fashion. There are plenty of posts about travel, of course, but there is also a lot of content that simply reflects life in New Zealand. For example, several tweets have been sent out about the Queenstown Marathon that was sponsored by the airline. In addition, some air travel-related news is posted to the account from time to time, so following @FlyAirNZ could be beneficial in number of ways.

Air New Zealand on YouTube:

Perhaps no airline in the world does YouTube quite like Air New Zealand. The theme of personality and fun is most certainly carried over to YouTube, where the airline regularly posts fresh and entertaining content. Notably, the ‘All Blacks’ – which is the name for New Zealand’s national rugby team – are featured in some of the videos for entertainment purposes. Other videos highlight some of the many beautiful locations around the country which visitors can enjoy when they come to New Zealand.