Ancestry DNA Coupons

Ancestry DNA Coupons

September 30, 2018 Off By Coupon Writer

Ancestry Promo Codes Updated for October 2020

Get Free Shipping on Your DNA Kit!

Use this Ancestry DNA coupon code and you'll get free shipping on your DNA Kit. This promotion is for a limited time only.

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Get a Free 14-Day Trial of!

Sign up with and you'll get 14 free days to set up an account and use all the tools on their website. No Ancestry DNA coupon required.

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Holiday Promotion: Kits For $59 as well as 20% off Gift Subscriptions.

From now until December 24th, you can buy a kit for just $59 (regular price $99). You can also buy a gift subscription for 20% off. Price excludes taxes and shipping. No promo code required.

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Get Free Access to Occupation Records This Weekend!

This Labor Day weekend, you can search's occupational records for free all weekend long.

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DNA Day Sale at AncestryDNA

Discover Your Inside Story! For the DNA Day Sale, save on Ancestry DNA packages!

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Get a Free 14-Day Trial of!

Sign up with and you'll get 14 free days to set up an account and use all the tools on their website. No promo code required.

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Receive an Ancestry DNA Membership For Just $1!

Order an Ancestry DNA kit or an Ancestry Health kit and get 3 months of's World Explorer membership for just $1! No need to apply an Ancestry by DNA coupon code.

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Add Ancestry Traits For Only $20!

Order a DNA kit online and add Traits for only $20 extra. No voucher code needed.

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Refer a Friend to and Get a $10 Amazon Gift Card

Share Ancestry DNA on Facebook, Twitter or Email and anyone who purchases it will save 15% off DNA kits. On top of that, you'll receive a $10 gift card for when they complete their purchase. Visit 'refer a friend' link on for full details of this offer.

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30% Off Ancestry Subscriptions for AARP Members!

AARP members can save 30% off either World Explorer or All-Access Subscriptions at Select AARP at checkout to receive your discount.

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Save up to $100 Off Ancestry 6-Month Subscriptions!

When you pay 6 months at a time, instead of month to month, you can save $100 off an All Access subscription. You can also save $50 off U.S. Discovery, and $90 off World Explorer. No coupon entry needed

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Expired Coupons:

Get AncestryDNA For Just $69:

Save with the DNA Day sale and get AncestryDNA for just $69. Valid until April 25th. No need to use Ancestry coupons for this promotion.

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Summer Sale: AncestryDNA For 40% Off!

AncestryDNA is currently offering AncestryDNA for 40% off the regular price. This promotion runs until August 19th. No coupon code required. Price excludes taxes and shipping.

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Welcome to our round-up of coupons for! Ancestry DNA is both a DNA testing service as well as a membership service that helps you discover more about your family history. But why pay full price? We have a collection of promo codes that’ll help you save money on both Ancestry DNA kits and Ancestry subscription services. We update these coupon codes weekly, so keep checking back if you want to use again!

This site offers an incredibly large and complex history of family records, making it possibly for individuals to dig deep into the past to learn more about those who came before them.

Instructions: Choose the coupon above that will save you the most and enjoy learning about the history of your family!

A Little Background Info on coupon

Ancestry DNA offers testing of your DNA & mitochondrial DNA through at-home tests you can use by gaining a DNA sample from your cheek. You can learn about your DNA’s genetic sequence, traits (like eye color) and now health traits that are influenced by your DNA with AncestryHealth.

Learn Through Ancestry Memberships

In addition to genetic tests, Ancestry offers you the ability trace your family history through historical records via their membership plans. They also offer Ancestry DNA discounts for 6-month subscriptions.

You can follow Ancestry on Facebook & Twitter to learn about deals, offers, and get exclusive coupons and voucher codes you can use at checkout to reduce the cost of your order. If your DNA sample helps you discover a long lost family history (i.e. African ancestry), you may want to connect with these communities in Facebook groups.

Link Your DNA Results with the App

Download the Ancestry DNA app for free and get access to your genetic lineage and family tree in the palm of your hand.

How Ancestry DNA Works:

The Ancestry DNA test is simple to use and easy to do at home.

How Ancestry’s membership works is you will set up an account with, and then you can start adding family members that you know to your family tree. will then search its extensive database for records related to those family members, and start filling in more information. If they find something that they think may be related to a family member of yours it will be noted by a leaf icon on the family member. You can then click on it to view, and if it is in fact your family member you can save the information to your family tree! You can find names that you may want to search for even a family member that you didn’t know about! The more that you go through this process the more that you will find out about your family history going back further and further. It can be really fascinating to learn about your roots!

AncestryDNA Service

If you want to go really deep into your family history and ethnic background then you can opt for an Ancestry DNA subscription, which costs a little more but can yield some really interesting results! There are many DNA research services available these days, but AncestryDNA was one of the first and is currently the leading company for DNA testing for family history. When you sign up for this service they will send you a testing kit with instructions to collect a saliva sample. Once you’ve done that you send it back to their research lab and in about 6 to 8 weeks you will receive an email with the test results. You may be surprised at the results! This is another way that you can fill in your family tree on and discover family members you may have never known about otherwise. Not only will your DNA results tell you about family members that you had in the past, they will also search their database of AncestryDNA members (over 7 million people) and let you know about living relatives that you might not know about!

Unlike other DNA testing, the process that AncestryDNA uses can be taken by both men and women and will show their lineage on both the paternal and maternal sides. The technology they use is microarray-based autosomal DNA testing, if you were curious!