Aoeah Coupon Codes

Aoeah Coupon Codes

August 15, 2018 Off By Coupon Writer

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About Aoeah is one of many sites that has cropped up to sell rare and exclusive items as well as gold or coins for use in games like Rocket League, Fortnite, FIFA, Madden, and more. It can be very time consuming in-game, or they are just extremely rare so your odds of ‘finding’ them are low. In response, these types of website offer the items for sale for players who are willing to trade real world money for them instead of time or effort in-game. By that same token, if you have collected a lot of coins or high level items in a game you can sell them to who will then re-sell them to other players. These items could be weapons or armor, items that will give your character special abilities or advantages, or skins for characters. At this time they are only accepting items for Rocket League, FIFA Coins, and NBA Live Mobile Coins to re-sell. There is also an Item Exchange services where you can exchange items for keys or cash to use in the same game. They maintain a games news section where they keep customers up to date on the latest news regarding the games that they provide items and gold for, so you will know anytime there is a new patch or update to a game or when new items are scheduled to start dropping.

Supported Games

FIFA (2019, 2018, 2017, Mobile)
In the FIFA series of games the coins are used for some things that you would expect such as purchasing contracts of high quality players for your team, items that can give your players boosts, and they can also be traded for FIFA points. Traditionally you earn the coins by playing against other human players in the Ultimate Team mode. Winning a match gets you a payout of 400 coins. If you make it to the top of your division and get promoted to the next one then you will get a bonus of 1000 coins. Special tournaments and weekly challenges are also another opportunity to add some coins to your account, starting at about 500 coins per win.

Beyond that you can ‘level up’ your coin earning potential by unlocking coin boosts via the Football Club Credits. As you progress through the game you will earn more and more Football Club Credits which you can use to unlock different boosts in the catalog of rewards. Use your FCCs to unlock the coin boost ones and you can increase yor match winnings by 200 coins per match won. There is also the less popular method of ‘playing the transfer market’ to earn coins. What that means is you pick up strong but inexpensive players in the market and then re-selling them for a higher price.

Rocket League

If you haven’t heard of Rocket League, it’s a mixture of racing games and ball games. Put another way, it’s kind of like playing soccer with cars instead of people. In this game you can pick up keys and loot crates to give you an advantage in the game and that’s what sells. It doesn’t matter if you play on Steam, Switch, Playstation or XBox, they have items for all servers. As you might imagine a lot of the items available are various car parts that will give you a boost on certain stats such as wheels and bodies as well as cosmetic ones such as paint, decals, banners, and antennas. There are also special goal explosions, where something cool or funny will happen whenever you score a goal on your opponent. With all of the different customization options there are over 10 billion possible combinations of unique cars that you could make. There are also themed packs available for Jurassic World, DC Superheroes (you can drive both the ’89 Batmobile as well as the Tumblr from the Dark Knight), the Fast & Furious series, and Hot Wheels. Random fact not related to the purchasable items: the music for Rocket League is done by electronic powerhouse Monstercat!


One of the most popular co-op games on the market right now, particularly with a younger demographic, is Fortnite. It combines both elements of brawling as well as building, you can use many different strategies to do well in this game. It starts with 100 players released on an island with various landscape challenges and advantages, and the last player left alive at the end of the match is a winner. Scattered around the environment are different resources that you can use to build shelter, weapons, and traps. The playable area get smaller and smaller as the match goes on, which ups the ante for the remaining characters. It actually started very differently, as 4 players versus a horde of zombies. However it was the co-op battle royale mode that was the most popular so the developers expanded upon that. While Fortnite is free to play, most of what people spend money on in Fortnite is Battle Passes which essentially fast-track you to a higher tier and unlock new items, skins, and weapons. To purchase those you need to spend either 950 V-Bucks (the in-game currency) or you can buy the premium Battle Bundle for 2800 V-Bucks which shoots you up to a very high tier with almost everyting unlocked. You may want to splurge on this one if it is late in the season and you will be woefully behind all of the other players who have been playing and levelling up since the start of the season. You can also spend your V-Bucks on cosmetic items for your characters such as different skins (character models), emotes, skins for you default weapons and backpacks. These extra items don’t actually give you any extra advantage but, you know, they look cool. They have also recently introduced a refund system so if you buy a skin, try it on, and decide you hate it no problem you can return it. I should note that the return is for V-Bucks, not real world money.