Atom Promo Codes

Atom Promo Codes

August 1, 2018 Off By Coupon Writer

The Best Atom Promo Codes Right Now:

Get $5 off your first movie tickets from Atom

When you use this promo code you can take $5 off your very first movie ticket purchase with Atom!

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No fees on movie tickets!

Use this promo code at checkout to get no fees on your movie ticket purchase!

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Free Movie Ticket!

When you see 4 movies, you qualify for a free movie ticket with Atom Rewards!

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$5 Movie Ticket at Select AMC Theatres

This coupon code will get you $5 off your ticket at select AMC movie theaters. Expires on June 25th, 2018.

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$8 off your purchase

Use this coupon code on your next movie ticket purchase to save $8 off your order. Expires April 30th, 2018.

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About Atom

Atom is a start-up company from Santa Monica, California (a.k.a. “Silicon Beach”) and was born out of the idea that there had to be a better way to purchase tickets online! Movie theaters had online purchasing options, but you needed to sign in every time, they didn’t work great on mobile phones, and there was no easy way to cancel if plans changed at the last minute. If you were buying tickets for your friends, then they had to be present with you when you entered the theater (not great if they were running late!) Along came Atom, who first got the support of major movie theaters and studios (smart!) and then got down to work on creating an easy to use smartphone app that would let you book tickets, buy snacks, and perhaps best of all invite friends to specific screenings of movies. You can search for friends via Facebook or your contact list, and then they can purchase their own tickets and join you. No more giant Facebook group chat threads trying to organize people, and no more buying a ticket for a friend who never actually shows up! They have also done away with the need for paper tickets, you can skip the line at the machines or the box office and go straight to the ticket attendant who will scan a QR code on your phone. The same process is also in place for concession, you can pre-order your snacks through the app and then there is a special line at the concession for Atom user to pick up their orders.

Atom Rewards Program

Atom has a customer loyalty program called the Atom Rewards Program, which is completely free and you are added automatically when you sign up for an Atom account. If you signed up for Atom before they started the program you will automatically be upgraded to having an account, no need to do anything. One of the perks of this program is that after you see 4 movies, you get a free standard ticket to a movie of your choice. Please note that is 4 separate movie showtimes, not 4 tickets purchased if you are buying for friends or family members. It does not matter if you purchased the tickets through the app, or through the website you will still receive credit towards a free ticket. Sorry, there are no additional credits for purchasing a premium format ticket, all tickets are treated as one movie. Since it is a standard ticket, it does not include IMAX, 3D, or any special events. There is a bit of a time limit on your free movie ticket, you have one year from seeing the first qualifying movie to see 3 additional shows and earn your free ticket. Once a free ticket is credited to your account you have 30 days to redeem it.

There are also exclusive offers and deals that are only available to Atom Rewards members, and some local theatres have additional perks for members which will vary by location. You can also link your rewards program from your local theatre such as AMC Stubs, Showcase Star Pass, Regal Crown Club, and Vision Club Rewards to earn even more free items and discounts.

How to Use Atom to Purchase Movie Tickets and Invite Friends

Trust us, it’s way easier to do this using Atom than it is via text message or Facebook and your friends do not need to have an Atom account already for you to be able to invite them. First of all is perhaps the hardest part, deciding which movie you want to see! Unless it’s a premiere that you have been waiting months for, then that decision will be easy. In your app you will simply select the movie and the showtime that you would like to go to, you will have the option to browse by movie or by theatre location. The app will use your contact list on your phone to generate a list of people that you will be able to invite, tap on the ones that you would like to invite to the movie. You can either send them a text message invite, or their invitation can be sent via email. You can either purchase tickets for everyone at once, or you can leave it up to them to purchase their own seats and just pay for yours. If the movie theatre you and your friends are going to has reserved seating you will be able to select the seats that you want at this time. That’s it, now all you need to do is hit the ‘Buy & Invite’ button, and invitations will be sent out to your friends who can then buy their tickets and pre-order concession. A super easy way to organize a fun night at the movies! You can also share the link to your plan on social media and others will be able to join in as well!

Cancellation Policy

Hey, sometimes unforeseen circumstances come up and you won’t be able to make that movie after all. You get stuck working late, there is construction on the way home, you find that your cat and dog pulled down the Christmas tree while you were out…there are endless possibilities. Up until a few minutes before the movie starts, it is very easy to cancel your tickets through the Atom app. Please note that you will not see a refund on your credit card instantly, it will typically take about 3-5 business days for the charges to be reversed. If the movie has already started, then you will either need to get in touch with the manager at the local theatre that you purchased tickets for, or you can get a hold of Atom customer service at 1-844-838-6284. In the event that you had used a discount or a coupon on the order that was cancelled, you will be able to use it on a future order instead. The discount is not lost!