Avis Coupon Code

Avis Coupon Code

May 30, 2018 Off By Coupon Writer

Avis.com Car Rental Discount Code Updated for September 2020

  • Thank you for visiting our Avis coupon codes page – we have worked hard to make sure you can find the best deals on Avis car rentals right here on our site. Whether you are traveling or renting a car near home, car rental costs can quickly add up if you don’t find a good deal. Hopefully, with the help of our coupon codes, you can land a great price that will save you big!
  • Avis is a huge company, with revenues that near the $6 billion mark annually. The company has been in business since all the way back in 1946, and it has the distinction of being the first car rental business to ever take up shop in an airport. If you need to rent a car in the near future, make sure to browse the coupons below to see if Avis has the right deal for your needs.
  • We have tested these codes recently, so you can have confidence that they will provide you with the discount that you expect. Of course, you if stumble on a code that doesn’t work, please let us know – although we would be very surprised if that happens!

Best Avis Coupons Right Now:

Spring Sale! Save Up To 30% Off Avis' Rental Rates:

From now until the end of March, use this offer code to save up to 30% off regular rates at Avis.com.

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Get a Free Single Vehicle Upgrade in Hawaii

Reserve a car in Hawaii with Avis and you'll get a free single upgrade when you use this coupon code. Minimum 2 day rental period.

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Get Your 3rd Weekend Day in Hawaii For Free!

Rent a car for the weekend in Hawaii and get your 3rd day free with this promo code.

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30% Off Promo Code for Luxury Signature Series

You can save up to 30% off Avis' luxury signature series when you pay now. When you reserve your car, available rates will have a 'PAY NOW' option that will save you up to 30% on your vehicle. No promo code required for this offer.

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Save 25% off base rates, plus earn up to 1,500 Aeroplan Miles.

This deal is for Aeroplan members. When you book with Avis, you can earn up to 1,500 Aeroplan miles. Plus, you can save an extra 25% off base rates. No promo code required for this offer.

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10% Off Coupon Code, Plus Get a Free Upgrade!

Use this coupon code on your next Avis car rental reservation and save 10% off your rental. On top of that, you can also get a free single upgrade.

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Take $25 Off A Weekly Car Rental

Rent a car with Avis for a minimum of five days and you can use this discount code to take $25 off your rental. Click the blue coupon button to view full details of this offer.

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How to use Avis’ Coupon Codes:

Have you visited the Avis site and not been able to find where you should enter your coupon code? Not to worry! The easy step-by-step guide below will help you figure out exactly where you need to enter the code so that you can cash in on all of the savings offered by these promos.

  1. Click on “Reserve” at the very top of the website.
  2. You will be taken to a Reservation screen where you can choose the dates of your car rental, the dates and times, and your age. At the bottom there will be a box that says: “I have a discount code”. Check that box.
  3. Once you check that box, an entry field that says ‘coupon code’ will appear. Enter one of the promo codes from our list above and then press “select my car”.
    avis car rental promo code - how to use discount codes
  4. If the coupon is valid, then the discounted price will appear in the shopping cart when you complete your purchase.

A Little Background Info on Avis.com:

avis coupon code
Avis rental offices can be found in the most remote areas.

The car rental business is notoriously competitive, but Avis has been successful in carving out a large piece of the pie for themselves. The company was founded in Michigan back in the late 1940’s, and is now headquartered in New Jersey. They serve customers worldwide with more than 4,900 locations, and have an estimated total staff of more than 30,000 employees. As is the case with many car rental businesses, Avis has locations both at airports and away from airports, meaning they are able to serve customers with a variety of needs.

Recently, Avis jumped into the world of car sharing by purchasing Zipcar, one of the leaders in the car sharing industry. Rival rental car company Enterprise has its own car-sharing program. Zipcar allows members to pay for car usage by the hour or by the day, which is a natural extension of the car rental business. Avis obviously sees a big future in this industry, as they were willing to pay somewhere in the neighborhood of $500 million for ownership of Zipcar.

When you make a reservation with Avis for a car rental, you can expect to be driving a General Motors vehicle of some kind. There are a number of different makes and models within the Avis fleet, but they are generally going to come from the GM umbrella. Options range from basic sedans on up to luxury models which are included in the ‘Signature Series’.

Avis.com on the Web:

Avis on Facebook – Like so many other companies today, Avis is taking advantage of the social media world in which we live. The company is active on many social media platforms, including the big two – Facebook and Twitter. One quick look at the company Facebook page – found here – shows just how much they value this opportunity to connect with their customers. There are new posts added nearly every day, and comments are typically replied to in a helpful manner.

Twitter – The story is much the same with their Twitter page, which is full of new posts and retweets from customers. While they do a good job of replying to tweets, the account bio does provide a phone number that you should call if you have a pressing issue that needs to be handled. If you are someone who frequently rents cars and you consider Avis as one of your go-to options, it would be worthwhile to follow ‘@Avis’ in order to get updates on their services.

Avis on YouTube:

Avis also uses the YouTube platform to publish some content for customers to enjoy, although it is clear they do not put as much emphasis on this platform as they do Facebook or Twitter. In fact, the official Avis YouTube account has only posted a handful of videos during the past year, although they are high-quality pieces that you may enjoy viewing. If you would like to learn a little more about Avis and what they are up to, consider taking a moment or two to look at some of their YouTube videos – just don’t expect fresh content to appear on a regular basis.