Bookit Coupons

Bookit Coupons

May 30, 2018 Off By Coupon Writer Coupon Codes for September 2020

As an online travel agency, Bookit can help you plan the vacation of your dreams. Of course, while you are planning that vacation, you need to keep your budget in mind so you don’t end up spending more than you can afford. That is where our handy coupon codes come into the picture. By using some of the codes below when you book your trip, you can be sure that you are getting a good deal. Saving money is always a good thing, but it is particularly important if you are looking at spending thousands of dollars on a vacation.

Have you visited other coupon sites only to find codes that didn’t actually work when you went to make your purchase? Yeah, so have we. That’s why we take pride in regularly testing our coupon codes to ensure they will work when the time comes to put them to use. After all, what good is a coupon code if it doesn’t actually save you money? When you use our codes, you can trust that they are going to be valid, and you are going to get the savings that you expect. Thank you for visiting our page, and happy saving!

Best Bookit Coupons Right Now:

Save $100 Off Select All-Inclusive Bookings of 7 Nights or More

Use this coupon code from to save a full $200 off select all-inclusive vacations of 7 nights or more. If you aren't looking to stay that long, then check out the other codes further down this list.

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$50 Off Promo Code For Select All-Inclusive Bookings of 5 Nights or More

Only staying 5 nights? You can still save $50 off the cost of your booking when you use this promo code.

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Get $20 Off Bookings of 5 Nights or More

The $100 discount code above is for all-inclusive bookings, where this $20 code is for select bookings in general. If the above one doesn't work for you, try this coupon on your vacation booking.

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Save $10 Off Bookings of 3 Nights or More

For bookings of 3 nights or more, you can use this discount code to save $10 off.

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Save on Bookit's Last-Minute Deals has a last-minute deals page where you can browse through all the special offers at once. These last-minute deals change so frequently that we can't keep up with them. When you click the button you'll be taken to Bookit's last minute deals section where you can choose the best offer for yourself.

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Save $15 to $50 Instantly When you Sign Up for Free Newsletter Membership

This one is a no-brainer. When you sign up for Bookit's newsletter, they will reward you with a instant rebate that you can use on your next booking. This rebate will be emailed to you and will only work for you. When you click on the button, it will take you directly to the newsletter sign-up page.

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Single City or Resort Promotions from

Certain destinations or Resorts will offer limited time promotions for 20%-50% off for a limited time. Usually these promotions don’t require a coupon code, but instead are special link-activated pricing:

Save 50% Off The Turtle Bay Resort in Hawaii

Heading to Oahu? Stay in the beautiful 4-Star Turtle Bay Resort on the north shore of Oahu and save 50% off the regular price. You'll save an average of $255/night when you book during this promotion.

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Save Up To 60% Off New Orlean Hotels Plus 2 Free Swamp Tours

Save up to 60% off select New Orleans hotels when you book through On top of that you'll also get 2 free tickets for swamp tours in the area. Click the red coupon button for more details of this offer.

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Save 30% Off La Playa Resort in Daytona

Stay at the La Playa Resort in Daytona and save up to 30% off your stay.

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How to use Bookit Coupons:

In order to get the savings you are looking for by using one of the coupon codes above, you will need to know exactly where to enter the code on the site. The directions below should make it quick and easy for you to enter your chosen code and receive your discount.

  1. Select your desired hotel/flight/vacation package.
  2. After you select your particular flights and hotel rooms, you’ll be taken to a page with a ‘trip summary’ on the right hand side:
    bookit how to use promo code
  3. At the bottom of this Trip Summary, you’ll see a link that says ‘Enter a Coupon‘. Click the link and a blank entry field will open up.
  4. Enter one of our coupon codes from the list. When it is successful, it will say something like: “A $200.00 CREDIT has been applied!”
  5. Complete your purchase with the discounted price!

A Little Background Info on Bookit:

bookit coupon code
Bookit was founded in 2000, and it has enjoyed impressive success in the 15 years since that launch. Originally run under the title, Bookit has grown to be able to offer trips to destinations in more than 100 locations. Everything that you can imagine related to travel can be booked through the Bookit interface, including airfare, hotel, cruises, car rentals, activities, and more. Arthur Finlaw is the founder of the company, and he remains the President and CEO.

Bookit on the Web:

Bookit on Facebook:

What do you look for in a Facebook page that you choose to follow? Do you like interesting content, funny posts, of the chance to win free stuff? If you answered ‘free stuff’, you will love keeping track of the Facebook page. The company runs a number of contests through their page, many of them offering great vacations to exotic destinations. The giveaways that they run attracts thousands of entrants, but of course, they cost you nothing but a few moments of your time to enter. Winning a vacation would certainly be a thrill, so taking a second to check out the Bookit Facebook page just may be a great decision.

Bookit on Twitter:
If you are someone who tends to use Twitter more than Facebook, not to worry – you can find information about the exciting giveaways that Bookit offers just as easily on Twitter. By following their account @Bookit, you will be able to see all of the necessary information for entering these fun contests. As great as the giveaways are, the Twitter feed doesn’t appear to be used for much else, so don’t expect to see tons of interesting content with information about the company or its services. Of course, if you happen to win a free vacation, you won’t be worried about the other stuff at all!

Bookit on YouTube:

If you take the time to view the YouTube channels of various companies, you will find that businesses use this platform with varying degrees of success. Some companies understand how to use YouTube to connect with their audience, while others simply use it as a place to dump content that was created for other platforms. Bookit is one of those companies that clearly understands what it is that their customers are looking for, and it then delivers for that target market.

Specifically, the series of ‘Travel Preview’ videos is great for anyone who is considering taking a trip to one of the many destinations offered by Bookit. These short videos highlight features of a specific resort, along with interviews with guests who are staying on the property. While they are promotional in nature, these videos still give you a good overall impression of each resort that you may be considering. If you are trying to pick between a few different options for your upcoming trip, the information contained in these videos may be able to help you make your final selection.