Ccleaner Coupons & Promo Codes

Ccleaner Coupons & Promo Codes

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A Look at CCleaner and the Company Behind the Popular Cleaning Tool


CCleaner is a utility tool that is used to maintain a PC by performing tasks such as cleaning the windows registry, clearing out temporary files, erasing browser history and so on. The tool itself is capable of deleting unwanted files which were left by programs such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Adobe Flash player, Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Media Player, WinRAR, Sun Java, WinZip and many others. it also gets rid of unwanted file fragments, memory dumps, browsing history, cookies, log files, system cache, application data, recycle bin, and other types of data. Additionally, the software also comes with a registry cleaner that can find and correct any problems in the Windows registry.

Ccleaner was Created by Piriform

CCleaner was developed by Piriform, which is a British software company that is based in London, UK. The main focus of the company is in the development of maintenance and optimization software for Windows and Mac operating systems and also devices that run on Android. Piriform’s main tools include CCleaner, Speccy, Recuva, and Defraggler. CCleaner was launched in 2004 by the main founders of the company, Guy Saner and Lindsey Whelan. On September 22, 2015, Piriform released a cloud version of CCleaner known as CCleaner Cloud, which allowed users to remotely maintain their PCs.

Piriform is Now Owned by Avast.

In July 2017, Piriform was acquired by Avast. This acquisition made sense for Avast as CCleaner was a very popular PC maintenance tool used by millions of people from all over the world. Avast CEO Vince Steckler said in a press conference that there are many similarities between CCleaner and Avast that would also allow for great new products for their user bases. He also went on to add that both Avast and CCleaner are known by advanced users to be focused on performance and this led them to believe that clients who use CCleaner will also be interested in Avast and vice versa as well. The acquisition itself was more of a customer acquisition exercise as Avast would continue to operate CCleaner without changing anything while at the same time allowing them to cross-sell existing products to CCleaner users. Piriform’s employees also joined Avast’s consumer-based unit where they report directly to Ondrej Vlcek, the CTO of Avast.

In September 2017, several security researchers at Cisco Systems Inc. discovered that hackers inserted a backdoor into the program which enabled infected machines to be accessed remotely thereby compromising CCleaner. Piriform worked with law enforcement to ensure that all communication to the servers was cut off before any malicious commands were executed. It was later reported that the hack came from a version of CCleaner that was downloaded in August and September which came with remote administration tools that tried to connect several unregistered web pages so as to download other unauthorized programs. The hacks were uncovered on September 12 and a new uncompromised version of CCleaner was released on the same day and on September 15, a clean version of CCleaner Cloud was also released.

CCleaner is a quick, convenient and unobtrusive tool that works well to ensure your PC runs at well at all times. The only setback that the software seemed to have is the hack, but this was resolved quickly with the release of a version that was uncompromised.

However, it is important to note that the older version 5.33 is still considered to be unsafe, and users who are using that version should upgrade as soon as possible. Even after the acquisition, Piriform still works well with their new parent company and ensures that their main program CCleaner is always working efficiently while also coming up with new ways to manage several systems in different operating systems.