Comfort Inn Coupons

Comfort Inn Coupons

June 23, 2018 Off By Coupon Writer

Comfort Inn by Choice Hotels Coupon Codes and Promotions:

Comfort Inn has your best interests at heart, and with so many travellers coming through their doors they have a pretty good idea of what you need in order to make your stay as comfortable and convenient as possible.
Bed quality is often the number one concern at a hotel because no one needs a sore back in the morning. Comfort Inn’s premium bedding gives you a choice. Do you want a soft or firm pillow? They’ve got both. What about the mattress? No worries there. You’re guaranteed to wake up feeling rested and refreshed, and when you’re ready, feel free to head down for your complimentary hot breakfast featuring original recipes.

For both personal and business reasons they’ve got free wifi for everyone plus an all new modern look and feel so their customers can relax in luxury without being trampled by the price tag.

If one of our coupons isn’t working for you please let us know immediately. While we make sure they are screened and tested weekly, technical hiccups can arise from time to time. Should this happen, we will quickly repair the error so you can get back to saving money.

The following promo codes consist of a large selection of different offers, so we recommend browsing all of them before choosing.

Best Comfort Inn Coupons Right Now:

Stay 2 Times, Earn a $50 Gift Card For Comfort Inn:

This is a cool promotion going on this summer: if you're a member of Choice Privileges (it's free to sign up), then all you need to do is stay at any Choice Hotels' brand hotel twice, and you'll earn a $50 gift card you can use for any hotel owned by Choice Hotels.

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Save 20% By Booking At Least 7-Days in Advance:

Book your hotel stay at Comfort Inn (or any other Choice hotels' owned hotel) and save up to 20% when you book at least 7-days in advance on their website. The discount will automatically apply in your shopping cart when you book your qualifying stay on their website.

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Save 10% Off for Military, Veterans and Dependents:

Comfort Inn has a standard discount for military members, veterans, and their dependents. Use this rate code to save on your booking.

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AARP Members: Save 10% off Comfort Inn Rooms:

Seniors stay for less: save 10% for AARP members. To qualify for the special pricing, you just need to show your card when you check in.

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Stay 2 or More Nights and Save up to 20% Off Your Rate:

All you need to do is book your stay for 2 or more nights at participating hotels and you'll save up to 20% off. No discount code required for this offer.

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Get Special Rates For Choice Privileges Members:

Choice Privileges is their loyalty program. When you register for their program, you get exclusive benefits and discounted room rates emailed directly to you. No coupon code required.

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AAA and CAA Members Save 10% Off Your Stay:

If you're a member of AAA or CAA (that's the Canadian version of the AAA) you can save 10% off your stay at Comfort Inn (or any Choice Hotels' owned hotel chain).

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Save up to 20% Off Hotels in the Caribbean:

Stay in the Caribbean and save up to 20% off. This is a promotion for all Choice Hotels, so it includes Comfort Inn as well as other branded hotels. No promo code required.

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Save with Stay and Fly Packages:

You can book your Comfort Inn hotel room on its own, or combine it with a flight and save money. Book a stay and fly package on Choice Hotels' website and save money. No promo code required.

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Fun Hotel Facts:

There are a lot of tall hotels out there, but 6 out of the 10 tallest hotels in the world exist in Dubai…no surprise, really. They like to go big or go home over there.

Ever been to Vegas? If you have, and you stayed at the MGM Grand, then you were in the hotel that has the most number of rooms in the world, totalling 5,044. It also has two wedding chapels.

Speaking of Vegas, you’re gonna pay a hefty sum if you need to be pampered for room service. Be prepared for a tab of at least $68. With prices like that, you should probably just go help yourself to free drinks and a cheap buffet. There’s some great Vegas deals on our page, but even then the prices can be hefty….

Hotel President Wilson in Geneva proudly stands as having the most expensive room in the world. The price averages $61,000 to $84,000, but we’re unsure of both why the huge disparity in pricing and also why anyone would want to pay that.

Do murder mysteries intrigue you? Try this one…in 2010 a woman named Sony Millbrook was reported missing after her children were not picked up from school. Her body was found in the Budget Inn underneath the bed. Unfortunately 5 guests stayed in that room AFTER she had died. Creepy.

How bout another one? In 2003 a guest was staying at the Capri Motel in Kansas using his room for 3 nights before leaving due to a foul stench. The cleaning staff scurried up to the room and found a male corpse under the mattress. The kicker? He was wearing nothing but a nun’s wimples and fishnet stockings.

Hotels are surprisingly cheap to keep in business. In fact if we look at your standard hotel the average cost to keep each room operational is approx $35 dollars per day. This includes electricity, cleaning supplies, wages, laundry, bar replenishment, etc. When you do the math and compare the maintenance cost to that of a night’s stay, you could come to the conclusion that it’s a “tad” overpriced depending on the hotel of choice.

Comfort Inn on the Web:

Facebook and Twitter:

Comfort Inn is a brand within a larger chain called Choice Hotels which acts as a funnel to point visitors to different locations. Their Facebook and Twitter pages are updated on a regular basis, but don’t offer too much in the way of deals, specials, contests, or travel packages. They do have some engaging posts and good info about the company. Should you have a customer service question their Facebook page would be a good place to ask.

Comfort Inn on Youtube:

While Comfort Inn doesn’t have a YouTube page of their own, you can check out all the great changes happening with the company through Choice Hotels.
Check out the video below: