DigitalOcean Promo Codes

DigitalOcean Promo Codes

July 2, 2018 Off By Coupon Writer

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$100 USD Credit for New Hosting Accounts

An amazing introductory offer from Digital Ocean. No promo code necessary, Click the blue button below to visit a special offer page on Digitalocean's website. Once you set up your account will get a $100 credit.

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$10 in credit for new customers

Get a $10 credit automatically applied to your account when you set up a new droplet.

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Save $25 Off In Total: Combine the $10 Credit and $15 Promo Code for extra savings!

Here's how to get this special offer: first, click the blue coupon button and set up a new account. That will automatically give you a $10 credit. When choosing a payment method you will be able to enter the promo code to get you another $15 off your order.

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2 Free Months of VPS Hosting with Digitalocean

Use this promo code to get 2 months of free VPS hosting with DigitalOcean

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Save $10 Off Cloud Hosting

Save $10 off Digitalocean's cloud hosting when you use this coupon code. Droplets start as low as $5/month! Hourly rates are also available

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2 Free Months of an SSD Cloud Server

Free two months SSD Cloud Server or VPS with this promo code. This coupon code has been checked this week and was valid.

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Another Save $10 Off Cloud Hosting

Another $10 credit off of hosting, which is enough to get 2 months worth of the basic droplet (1GB). Try this one if the ones above doesn't work.

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What is DigitalOcean?

DigtalOcean, Inc is a cloud computing infrastructure provider for software developers. It was founded on 24th June 2011 by Moisey Uretsky, Ben Uretsky, Alec Hartman, and Mitch Wainer. The headquarters of DigitalOcean is based in New York, U.S., and it has clients all over the world. They offer cloud computing services to software developers assisting them to scale and deploy applications that run seamlessly on several computers.

According to a recent study on hosting companies, DigitalOcean was ranked third worldwide for web-facing computers. It aims to become the best cloud hosting services provider in future. They seek to simplify their cloud computing services to give developers time to build great software that will change the whole world.

About DigitalOcean’s Achievements

DigitalOcean was founded in 2011 and focuses more on software developers. Its cloud computing platform simplifies the infrastructure for developers. DigitalOcean is fast, simple and has scalable SSD cloud servers that can be installed in seconds for only $5/ month.

Digitalocean has grown and now has over three million customers all over the world. Most developers nowadays prefer to use DigitalOcean services because of their affordable pricing plans.

Five Reasons Why Software Developers Love Digital Ocean

DigitalOcean may be considered a small player compared to giant hosting companies with deep pockets. But it is giving these companies sleepless nights. In less than ten years of operation, the company has been ranked third worldwide based on its web-facing computers concept. This is a position that many cloud infrastructure companies would envy to be in. DigitalOcean has become the talk of most software developers today. These are the five reasons that make software developers prefer DigitalOcean over other cloud services providers as discussed

Simple User Interface and Minimalistic Approach

The user interface of this cloud hosting provider is quite minimalistic and simple. There are enough buttons and links to allow you to access all desired functionality. This does not imply that the company lacks functionality. It has everything to help you manage and deploy scalable website applications. It offers a great platform for running open-source workloads.

Features and Performance

The simplicity of DigitalOcean interface does not affect its performance. In fact, it was the first in the hosting industry to offer SSD-based virtual machines. It introduced IPV6 before other cloud service providers knew about its existence. The droplets used by DigitalOcean has one of the best boot times in the world. DigitalOcean has six data centers in Europe, Asia, and North America.

Comprehensive Documentation

DigitalOcean has an extensive and complete collection of how-to guides, walkthroughs, and tutorials.
They have the best tutorials that will guide developers working on any cloud computing project. They have been able to achieve this because of their unique approach to crowdsourcing the data.

Affordable Pricing

DigitalOcean beats all the other cloud hosting service providers because of their pocket-friendly
pricing. With only $5 per month, you can start to enjoy their hosting services. It has a simple structure that every developer will understand because it does not have calculators that will question you about your usage. This is what most develpers love about DigitalOcean.

DigitalOcean Features

  • Backup and monitor your servers
  • Protect your servers using cloud firewall
  • Quickly develop a scalable VPS using your preferred operating system
  • Use load balancers to manage your traffic
  • Manage all your servers through API, CLI app or dashboard
  • All your team of developers to manage the infrastructure together

Advantages of Using DigitalOcean services

  • DigitalOcean is among the hosting companies that have tried to offer VPS hosting services that assist developers in managing multiple servers and working together as a team.
  • It is cheap thus allows developers to start their test servers for new websites whenever they need and has tools that allow them to add resources quickly to their servers.
  • DigitalOcean has a simple user interface that allows developers to create new VPS or Droplets within a minute.

Their great tutorials will teach you evaboutything on how you can scale your website applications and the CLI app will show you how to manage your servers.

If you are planning to build a virtual data center, then DigitalOcean is a perfect choice for you.