Doordash Coupons

Doordash Coupons

June 17, 2018 Off By Coupon Writer Promo Codes Updated For September 2020

Dealfly’s list of coupons for DoorDash include a $7 new customer promo code as well as returning customer deals, although these codes keep changing. We’ve also added a ‘view all deals in your area’ coupon at the top that’ll show you all the discounts and promotions going on for restaurants in your area.

The Top DoorDash Coupons Right Now:

View all Deals in Your Area:

This is a special link that'll show you the deals in restaurants in your area. Just enter your address when you get to and the promotions will appear. Then, pick whatever tickles your fancy and you're good to go!

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$7 Off For New Customers

For new customers: use this coupon code to save $7 off your first order at

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$10 Off For New Customers + Free Delivery:

It doesn't get any better to try out Door Dash for the first time. Save $10 off your order and get free delivery when you use this coupon. This is for first time customers only.

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$7 Off Any Order:

Save $7 off your next order when you redeem this promo code.

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$12 Off Any Order For New Customers and Free Delivery

Another promo code for new customers that'll get you free delivery as well.

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$10 Off Your First Delivery:

Try out Doordash and save $10 off your order in the process.

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Save up to $15 Off Your First Order:

Take up to $15 off your first order with this coupon. The savings depends on the size of your order.

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$7 Off Your 1st Order:

Yes another discount code for $7 off your 1st order.

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$20 Off Promo Code

Take $20 off your order with this coupon at

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$15 Off Your Entire Order.

Save $15 off your order when you redeem this coupon code at checkout.

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All You Need to Know About Doordash.

What is DoorDash? It’s a food delivery service that’ll deliver food to your door from any participating restaurant. It’s not like, which delivers raw ingredients that you cook yourself into a meal. Instead, it’s like a pizza delivery service, only you can get nearly any kind of restaurant to deliver to your door. Why didn’t anyone think of this before? is a rapidly growing company that is becoming a household name in America. While most people would describe Doordash as a food delivery service it would actually be more accurate to describe it as technology company because its niche is reliant on logistics modelling to determine the most efficient way to get food to their customers at the most affordable rates possible.

Like many iconic technology startups doordash was started by students at Stanford who had a unique vision to connect people with their local businesses. Through sheer ambition founders Andy Fang, Evan Moore and Tony Xu were able to turn their idea into a billion dollar business. Doordash can now be found across 600 cities and over 50 markets in the North American region.

doordash driver promo

An optional driver kit that aspiring drivers can purchase.

With such tremendous success Doordash has attracted the interest of several major venture capitalist firms such as Khosla Ventures and Softbank. Though still privately held the company has raised over $700 million in capital and hired over 350 employees.

The food delivery industry is valued at over $150 billion and is expected to reach over $230 billion by 2022. China has the largest market at $48 billion with the USA coming in second at $22 billion. With such a huge market in existence and the potential for huge growth in the future it is clear why Doordash is getting so much interest from major investors who wish to have a stake in the industry. CEO Tony Xu has stated that Doordash is already “contribution margin positive” which means that the company can cover all the cost of deliveries short of their own internal operational costs. He has further stated that he wishes to expand to over 1,800 cities before the end of 2018.

Doordash stands out in that it lives up to its mission statement of streamlining cities and delivering smiles because it has figured out that while many small local businesses would wish to deliver their culinary products to their customers they simply do not have the logistical power to carry out this objective in a cost effective way. Doordash equips urban businesses with this power by using predictive algorithms to determine how many different businesses that have nothing to do with each other can profit by utilizing economies of scale to lower the cost of transport for all of them simultaneously.

Doordash has been able to maintain a good brand by ensuring relations with customers, employees and restaurants are positive. Their good relations with employees is due to flexible working hours and early payouts through their app. A new alliance with Walmart will see a major expansion for the company as it eyes to grow in the very tumultuous grocery business which has proven to be very difficult for other long established companies in the industry. Walmart will role out the pilot program in Atlanta but plans to expand into more than 100 cities.

The company has shown it cares about more than its bottom line through its feed America Program which aims to feed poor hungry Americans by shipping out donated food free of charge to those who receive it. Several food-banks and shelters have benefited a lot from this initiative which shows Doordash takes its corporate social responsibility seriously.