Emirates Coupon Code

Emirates Coupon Code

May 30, 2018 Off By Coupon Writer

Emirates Coupons for October 2020:

Welcome to our round-up of coupons and promotions for Emirates airlines. Emirates is an airline based in Dubai, operating over 1,500 flights per week to more than 184 countries in 81 cities across six continents.

With that said, Emirates sell much more than flights. They also offer car rentals, hotels, tours and activities, city transfers and special rates on Dubai stopovers. No matter what your needs are there’s bound to be a coupon you’ll be able to take advantage of.

How to Redeem These Coupons:

Please browse all of the coupons below carefully until you find one to your liking. When you spot one that suits your needs simply click on the red button. A new window will open within your browser, taking you to Emirates.com.

From there you can select your desired flight, car rental, etc, and when you reach the checkout you’ll be asked to enter your promo code during the online payment process.

Best Emirates Coupons and Deals Right Now:

Take $50 to $200 off flights in North America

Use this promo code to take $50 off of economy fares and $200 off of business class fares for flights within North America.

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Save up to $1000 when booking with AMEX

Enter this promo code at checkout and pay with your AMEX card to get a rebate of up to $1000 on your booking with Emirates Airlines.

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8% off flights to New Zealand

You can use this coupon to save 8% on any flights arriving in New Zealand.

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10% off flights leaving from Singapore

Book a flight leaving from Singapore and use this coupon at checkout to take 10% off of your order.

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Save 10% on Any Order at Emirates.com

This discount code saves you 10% off your order. Exceptions to this offer include gift cards and other non-eligible products. Click to view full details of this offer.

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Site-wide Promo Code: Save 10% Off Your Order

This is another site-wide code you can use on pretty much any airfare.

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Take up to 4% Off Base Airfares at Emirates.com:

Use this coupon on your airfare booking and save up to 4% off your base fare.

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Special Airfare Rates from Houston, Texas:

Fly out of Houston to get special fares not available from other airports on this world-class airline!

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Only $440 to fly Newark to Athens

Amazing deal! Newark to Athens for only $440!

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Get Access to First and Business class lounges in select locations!

Get complimentary access to Emirates lounges at select airports, where available.

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Complimentary Chauffeur Service

Experience the VIP treatment with complimentary chauffeur service to/from the airport in 55 locations around the world.

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Save money on flights to South Asia

Reduced rates on flights to locations in South Asia.

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Reduced fares on flights to Australia

Great deals on flights to Australia with Emirates.

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Deals on luxury flights to Europe

Savings on luxury flights to Europe with Emirates.

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Save on Travel to India

Travel to India in style without breaking the bank!

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Reduced fares to Africa

Great deals on flights to Africa with Emirates.

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Deals on luxury flights to the Far East!

Savings on luxury flights to the Far East with Emirates.

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Save on Travel to Dubai

Travel to Dubai in style without breaking the bank!

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More Ways To Save Money on Emirates Airfares:

Using coupon codes isn’t the only trick in the book. There are other ways to find discounted or promotional airfares with Emirates:

  • Join the Skywards Rewards Program – There are actually two programs: Skyward Miles and Tier Miles. Skyward Miles are rewards points you can earn by shopping with Emirates’ partners. These points you can use to save on airfares. Then there’s Tier Miles, which are earned by actually flying on Emirates flights. The more you fly, the higher the Tier you can enter, and the more perks/rewards/offers you are exposed to.
  • Business Rewards – If you’re part of a company, you can earn Business Rewards by booking guests or employees on Emirates flights. On top of that, if they are members of the Skywards Miles program, they will earn rewards as well. The Business Rewards program (as of this writing) offers 1 reward point for every $1 USD spent.
  • Browse Featured Fares: There’s a ‘featured fares‘ section of their website that allows you to see what destinations are currently discounted and on sale.
  • Skywards Skysurfer Program – Have children? In addition to a myriad of cool food, entertainment and conveniences (like complimentary strollers) available to your kids when you fly Emirates, there is also the Skywards Skysurfer Program. It’s the kid-version of the frequently flyer program, which means that your children can earn rewards as they fly as well.
  • Emirates-Branded Credit Cards – If you sign up for an Emirates-partnered credit card, you can earn Skywards rewards points on purchases…which you can then use to save on flights. Emirates has credit cards with MBNA, Citibank, Standard Chartered Bank India, and a few others. Click to view full details of these cards and their offers.
What’s Emirates’ Baggage Allowance?

They actually have a pretty awesome baggage allowance limit, which is becoming a rarer thing these days. For economy passengers, you can check-in up to 35kg per person.
The deal gets better the higher-class your seated in. For Business-class passengers, they are allowed to check in 40kg, and then for first-class passengers it’s a 50kg allowance.

They also allow up to 10 bags person, as long as it doesn’t go over your weight limit. Why would you need to check 10 bags weighing 4 pounds or less? We have no idea, but if that situation comes up, Emirates.com will have your back.

You should note that there’s a weird legal restriction when it comes to flights in and out of Dubai. You can only carry baggage weighing up to 32kg. This is not an Emirates thing, it’s a legal restriction that Dubai has for bags coming in or leaving its airport.

Emirates Customer Service: How to Contact

If you need to get in touch with Emirates to manage, modify, or cancel a booking (or anything else for that matter), you can give them a call at their global, toll-free number here:
1 (800) 777-3999

You can also visit their customer support website here: emirates.com/english/help/

Emirates’s Cancellation Policy: Are Their Flights Refundable?

Let’s say you booked a flight and now you can’t make it. Can you get a refund?

The answer is: it depends on the fare conditions of your particular booking. Sometimes when there’s a seat sale, or a special discount, then the fare is non-refundable. You should look at your order confirmation email from Emirates from when you first made your booking. The email will let you know if your booking is refundable or not. If it is, then you can cancel your booking by clicking on ‘Manage My Booking‘ on Emirates’ website.

A Little Background Info on Emirates Airlines:

emirates promo codes

Emirates was founded in 1985, backed up with the support of Dubai’s Royal family. It was a requirement that the airline operate without any government subsidies. However, they did receive $10 million US dollars in start-up funds.

In the beginning, Pakistan International Airlines assisted in establishing Emirates by leasing them a brand new Boeing 737 and an Airbus A300B4. They also provided Emirates with technical and administrative staff, making the venture less of a burden.

Emirates used their first two planes to fly many routes out of Dubai in those early years, and still live by the old adage “quality, not quantity.”

The early 90’s was a period of significant expansion for Emirates, and the company quickly became one of the world’s fastest growing airlines. Their annual revenue went from $100 million per year in 1990 to $500 million in 1993. They carried more than 1 million passengers and 68,000 tons of cargo that same year.

Twenty five Boeing 777-300s and eight Airbus A340-500s were among a large order of aircraft purchased by the airline in the year 2000—a far cry from their humble beginnings. At the end of the year, Emirates was ready to carry passengers to the East and West Coast of the United States as well as providing non-stop flights to Australia and Brazil.

Emirates broke new boundaries in aviation history at the 2013 Dubai airshow, purchasing another $166 billion dollars worth of new aircraft. Their aim with this order was to allow it to take them into 2025 and beyond, carving their legacy as one of the worlds most accomplished airlines into stone.

They may have started with small steps, but they now stand an influential titan in the proverbial ocean of global travel and tourism.

Ways to Connect with Emirates on the Web:

Emirates is very active on Facebook, and with excellent content to boot. They have interactive tours of their planes, discounted promotions, and even donate money to conserve the well being of wildlife sanctuaries. Their page is littered with praise for the airline.

Emirates Airlines populates their Twitter with multimedia and contests. There’s a lot of repeat content if you already follow them on Facebook. Yet, to make sure you avoid missing out on that special flight, car rental, or hotel price you were looking for it would be a good idea to keep yourself updated.

Check out Emirates Airlines on Youtube:

With over 370 videos on their youtube channel, Emirates shows that they are dominating in this area as well. Check out this video featuring “Friends” star, Jennifer Aniston, helping a lost kid find his way back to his seat.


Here’s The Types of Cabins on Emirates:

Emirates Airlines has incredibly high standards in all of their cabins, here are some the amenities that you will find in each one:

Check out Emirates’ Economy Class Cabin:

When most people think of economy class, they picture cramped seats and extra fees for absolutely everything. Not so with Emirates Airlines! When you fly with Emirates even the economy cabin is a world-class experience. If you’re taking a long or overnight flight, Emirates provides you with soft ecoTHREAD fleece blankets and pillows to help you get a good night’s sleep. Keep in touch with complimentary WiFi on board (on most flights) and access the ice entertainment system for hours and hours of music, the latest movies, and hottest television shows. Emirates Airlines boasts some of the most ample legroom in Economy and their ambient lighting helps you to adjust to your new time zone for a more refreshed feeling when you land. You can forget about paying $15 for a soggy sandwich, on all Emirates flights you will enjoy world class dining paired with a complimentary glass of wine, beer, or spirits. Each meal is inspired by the area that you are travelling to, with special meals available for children and those with dietary restrictions. There are also toy and activity packs for children to help keep them entertained while in the air.

One Step Up: Business Class on Emirates’ Flights

Business class on Emirates Airlines has just gotten an upgrade in July of 2017 with the on-board lounges getting a makeover. The lounges offer cocktails, snacks, social seating arrangements and ambient LED lighting, as well as a 55-inch television for watching live events. The seating in Business class is truly exemplary and take their inspiration from modern day sports cars. The seats are 78 inches long, made of leather, and recline to a fully flat position so that you can get some sleep on your flight and arrive refreshed and ready to go. Each seat has it’s own 23 inch television screen as well as an in-seat minibar for your convenience, and duvets are available for sleeping under on some flights. Business class guests will also enjoy fine dining options with wine pairings while on board. The Emirates experience begins even before you get on the plane, with complimentary chaffeur services available in select locations to take you to the airport. Once you arrive you can relax in the Emirates lounges at select airports before take-off, which include food and drinks, showers, WiFi, and business stations. Guests will also receive a complimentary Bvlgari amenity kit on flights over 10 hours with toothpaste, lotions, and fragrances.

The Big Cahuna: Emirates’ First Class Cabins

The first class experience on any airline is always a treat, but we really feel that Emirates Airlines takes it just a step further in terms of service and luxury. That’s probably why they were awarded the Skytrax 2017 award for Best First Class Comfort Amenities! First of all, your seat is more of a private suite and comes with privacy doors that you can close while you are sleeping, working, or watching a movie. It also comes with your own mini-bar! The seat reclines to a fully flat position, and Emirates provides you with hydrating pajamas and slippers which combined with the award-winning skin care products provided to you on board will have you looking your best on arrival. You also get a pouch to take your new pajamas home with you after the flight. There is even an on-board Shower Spa available for you to use (don’t forget to pick up a fresh juice on your way out), and of course you will be provided with a Bvlgari amenity kit with fragrances, lotions, and other toiletry items. There is a vanity table and mirror at your seat to help you use all of these wonderful products before you tuck in for a good nights sleep under the faux-sheepskin blankets.

As you would expect the dining is world-class, and meal are prepared when you order them so you can enjoy the flight at your own pace. Choose from the selection of wines, cocktails, champagne, beers, and spirits, all complimentary in first class of course. If you feel in need of a snack, you can grab one at the lounge or have one delivered to your seat.

First class passengers can also arrange for a chaffeur to take them to and from the airport at most locations, and you will have access to the Emirates lounge before departure with complimentary food, drinks, wifi, and showers. At most airports you will also be given a Fast Track card so that you can get through immigration quickly.