G2A Coupon

G2A Coupon

August 18, 2018 Off By Coupon Writer

The Best G2A Coupons Right Now:

Take 10% Off with this Promo Code:

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5% discount on purchases

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Get 5% Cashback on any purchase

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3% discount on purchases

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Another 3% Cashback promo code

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Save 3% on any order

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Three percent discount on purchases

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Another three percent cashback code

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Weekly Deals: Save up to 80% off games

Check out the weekly hot deals section for steep discounts on popular games, no promo code necessary.

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Games for Under 1£

Looking for something new to play? In addition to the sales section take a look at the collection of games that are less than 1£!

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Older Coupons (May Not Work Anymore)

25% cashback in coins

Use this promo code to get up to 25% off the value of your purchase back in coins when you buy from G2A.com.

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10% cashback in coins

This coupon is valid for up to 10% of the value of your purchase to use in coins at G2A.

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Up to 25% cashback

A promo code that gets you a cashback of 25% in the form of coins.

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Another coupon for 25% cashback

Another promo code to use for a cashback at checkout. Please note that cashback is provided in the form of coins that can be spent at G2A.

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5% cashback for new customers

If you are new to G2A then you can use this coupon code to get 5% cashback on your first order.

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Promo Code: 25% cashback

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Get 25% cashback

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Get up to 25% cashback

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Another Coupon for Up to 25% cashback

A coupon code that gets you a cashback of 25% in the form of coins.

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Coupon Code: 25% cashback

A coupon that can be used for 25% cashback.

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Take 30% off of any order

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Save 5% off of any order

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About G2A

G2A started as a digital gaming marketplace, but has grown to include a lot more. In the beginning, G2A was designed as a platform to buy and sell video games. Now you can sell any sort of digital item related to video games such as character skins, game keys, special weapons or other in-game bonus items, gift cards, or DLC (downloadable content). Basically if it has some sort of unique activation code that has not been used yet you can re-sell it on the G2A marketplace. Currently the marketplace has over 400 thousand active sellers and 75 thousand products to choose from. G2A’s mission is to reinvent the global marketplace and make it not only secure and user-friendly, but keep the marketplace and the method of payment under one roof to simplify things.

G2A Pay

In line with their stated mission, G2A Pay is their in-house payment system. It can be used by anybody or any business, it’s not just for use in the G2A Marketplace. If you use G2A Pay for your checkout system you can take over 200 methods of payment in more than 80 different currencies. Their checkout page has also been translated into 20 different languages to give you the most access to potential customers around the world. It is free to get started and set up an account, you only pay a small per-transaction percentage so nothing is owed until you start making sales. They have plug-ins available for all of the most popular ecommerce platforms so you can start accepting payments via G2A Pay quickly and easily.

What can you buy on G2A?

More than you think, I bet! Obviously you can purchase video games, they have the lowest prices around as well as a price-match guarantee so if you do happen to find a lower price somewhere else simply get in touch with them and send them the link to the lower price. G2A is happy to match any competitor’s pricing. In addition to games you can also purchase points and in-game currencies that you can use to trade for items or upgrades in various games. There are a lot of websites out there that claim to offer these types of services but buyer beware, not all of them are trusted names in gaming like G2A. General rule of thumb: if it seems to good to be true it probably is. They also have probably one of the widest selection of in-game points and currencies available online now, if not the actual largest selection.

You can also purchase electronics, and not just video game peripherals although they certainly do have those. You can also purchase cameras and other consumer electronics such as headphones and related accessories. One thing you might not expect is G2A’s e-learning items that are available to purchase, they have online courses from Alison.com where you can learn anything from graphic design to coding to business management and entrepreneurship. Many of these online courses will issue a certificate or diploma upon completion. You can also learn languages, with courses varying from ones aimed at tourists to ones that are more suited to business purposes and from beginner to advanced levels. If you’re just looking for a fun activity for your downtime they also have courses on thing like cooking, music, and art.

They also have tons of software available, such as many different anti-virus programs as well as business software like Microsoft Office. You can also purchase the most popular software for graphics and image editing such as the Adobe creative suite of products, and software for music and video editing. So if you stream your gameplay or have a Youtube channel you can also get all the software you need to create things like logos, intros, and to edit your videos together all through G2A. Talk about a one-stop shop!

And finally you can purchase various subscriptions through G2A as well. For gaming you can get your XBox Live and Playstation Plus cards, or you can purchase time cards for games like World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XIV. You can also purchase your streaming music and video services through G2A for companies such as Netflix, Spotify, and Apple Music. In the ‘other’ section you can also purchase a VPN service called Pure VPN, just be aware that sometimes purchasing game keys and what not through VPN can cause issues with the transaction or the download and you will not be eligible for a return or refund.

Return Policy

As with any company that deals primarily in digital goods, they do have a refund policy but there are only a few specific situations where a refund is possible. Please make sure that you read reviews of new games and try out playable demos wherever possible to make sure that you will enjoy a game before purchasing. Let’s say that you accidentally purchased two copies of the same game, you would have two separate activation keys for the game. One of them will have not been used so yes you can contact support at G2A and they will issue you a refund. That’s the main situation where a refund is possible, so long as the activation key has not been used you will be good to go.

Keep in mind that for the most part you will be dealing with the seller directly (for example the game publisher) when you are requesting a refund and not G2A themselves. G2A only gets involved if the seller is simply not responding to you or has failed to resolve your issue within 3 messages. At this point it will be upgraded to a ‘Claim’ and will be brought to the attention of the Resolution Team who will be in touch with options for you. Once the Resolution Team has reached a decision it is final.

How to Activate a Product Key

In essence, that is what you are buying from G2A is a product key. If you are a wholesaler, you can purchase activation keys in bulk. They key will be sent to you either via email or through your G2A account and then you will enter it when prompted by the game or software that you purchased. It’s a little different on each platform, but G2A has a guide in their help center that can you walk you through it for each one.