Greenmangaming Coupons

Greenmangaming Coupons

August 9, 2018 Off By Coupon Writer

The Best Greenmangaming Coupons Right Now:

8% off of Playstation Game purchases

Use this promo code to take 8% off the normal price of Playstation Games. Please note this is not valid for PC or Mac versions of games.

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Take 5% off of Playstation Game purchases

If the above promo code for 8% off doesn't work try this one instead for 5% off.

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Get 22% off of Resident Evil 2 Pre-Orders

Pre-Order Resident Evil 2 for the PC and save 22% of the Digital Deluxe Edition or 18% off the Standard Edition!

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Take 22% off of Monster Hunter: World Pre-Orders

Savings of 22% on the digital deluxe edition and 18% on the standard edition when you pre-purchase your copy of Monster Hunter: World for PC

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20% off of Post Scriptum for PC

Limited time offer: Take 20% off of the normal retail price when you pre-purchase Post-Scriptum for the PC

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Get 20% off of Train Simulator Titles

Use this promo code to take an extra 20% off of train simulator titles.

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Discounted Best-Selling Titles

Best Sellers are offered at discounted pricing on Green Man Gaming

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Pre-Purchase to Save

Take advantage of pre-order bonuses and savings when you pre-purchase upcoming games with Green Man Gaming

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Hot Deals: Green Man Gaming's Discount Section

Green Man Gaming has a discount section with savings of up to 80% off of select titles

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Discounts & Exclusive Offers for VIP Members

Join Green Man Gaming's VIP program to get access to special offers.

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About Green Man Gaming

Green Man Gaming is an e-commerce and community platform specializing in Video Games based in the United Kingdom, where it has been recognized as one of the UK’s fastest growing tech companies by several industry organizations. To date they have been awarded more than 30 awards by industry leaders in the gaming, tech, and business sectors. Their goal is to provide a single platform for gamers to purchase games, track game data, and communicate with their peers. In addition to the usual big name titles Green Man Gaming also works with smaller independent publishers to give them a platform to distribute their games and market them to the gaming community. They have customers from 195 countries around the world and their website is available in English, Spanish, German, and Portuguese. Many of their top executives come from previous experience in the gaming and technology sectors before joining Green Man Gaming.

They started very humbly in a small office in Bloomsbury, UK and launched in the spring of 2010 with a popular penny-game sale of pre-owned digital download games. Prior to Green Man Gaming there had been no way to re-sell digital games and the company founders felt that it was not only expensive for gamers but that it discouraged trying out different genres or titles due to the cost involved. At worst, it encouraged outright piracy. So, Green Man Gaming devised a way for customers to re-sell their previously owned digital games while paying royalties to the publishers. It was a win-win situation for all involved.

In July of 2012 just two years after their initial launch they acquired the Playfire social network. The network was integrated into the Green Man Gaming system and allowed members to see what games their friends are playing, track their own game play, and keep up to date on new games. It is able to capture real time information from their accounts on PC, Playstation, XBox, and others. In the following year they were nominated for & presented with several awards including a BAFTA and put on many ‘companies to watch’ lists.

Return Policy

Please note that you must agree to the return policy and other terms & conditions when you register for an account on Green Man Gaming. Because the items that they sell are digital in nature, refunds might not always apply as they would for physical goods. For example if your computer does not have the correct hardware to run the game that you purchased they are not able to issue a refund, please carefully check the system requirements before purchasing a game. If you decide that you are dissatisfied with a game for any reason, they are not able to issue a refund. Wherever possible please read reviews and make use of playable demos to determine if you will like the games story and gameplay.

Keep in mind that you will experience issues if you are using a proxy server or similar technology. Downloads may only be partial or not work at all, Green Man Gaming is not responsible in this case.

There are a few situations where Green Man Gaming is able to issue credits or a full refund but several conditions must be met such as: the game has not been downloaded or at least not activated, you have not received the activation key via any method including being directly injected into a publisher’s client, the game was not purchased more than 7 days ago, for pre-orders it is not within 48 hours of the games release date and time, and/or there were special circumstances that make your request reasonable.

All MMO, Steam, Uplay, Origin, and Windows Live game sales are final as the key is automatically disclosed to you upon purchase. If you live in the EU then you may be eligible for a refund within 14 days after purchase under the Consumer Protection Regulations 2000. If the product activation key has already been disclosed to you then you will not be eligible for a refund.

What to Play?

If you find that you are needing suggestion for what to play you can check out their ‘Best Games’ section of the website. Here they list their most popular games by genre, so if you are in the mood for a particular game you can find it here, or you can just browse the selection until something catches your eye. There is also a list of the top games that haven’t come out yet, so you can take a look at what’s coming and pre-order anything that looks interesting so that you are ready to play on launch day!

Looking to get your game Published?

If you are an independent game developer and you are looking for a platform to publish your game on then Green Man Gaming can help! They have been bringing indie games to the market since 2014 and experts in many important area of video game publishing on their team including marketing, public relations, distribution and pricing. They can support you through every step of the publishing process. With their connections they have access to world wide retail channels so that your game can get exposure to gamers all around the world. If you need financing to help you complete your game then they are able to help you with that as well, but don’t worry you will retain control of your IP. When your game starts to sell you will be paid royalties every two weeks so that you don’t have to wait to start seeing a paycheque. You will also get access to Green Man Gamings beta programme to help with testing and debugging your game, an invaluable resource!

Green Man Gaming knows that getting a game to market is no easy task and they are eager to partner with talented developers with unique projects that would not be suitable for the traditional publishing route. Get in touch with them today if you feel that you would be a good addition to the Green Man Publishing team!