How Do You Sign Up with Blue Apron?

How Do You Sign Up with Blue Apron?

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First Off: What Is Blue Apron?

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Blue Apron offers a subscription service which ships locally-grown, farm-fresh, and high-quality ingredients directly to your doorstep (in right proportions) so that you can easily prepare home-cooked meals for your family. The main goal of Blue Apron is to help you prepare nutritional, tasty, and finger-licking recipes at home without many hurdles.

The platform will provide you a detailed recipe (with step-by-step, elaborative instructions) on how to prepare the meals. On top of that, the exact quantity of ingredients that’s required to prepare a particular meal will be also sent to your doorstep. It’s really a fun and exciting way to make healthy and delicious preparations for your beloved family members and flaunt your culinary skill.

In order to enjoy these facilities, you need to sign up with Blue Apron and register for their subscription meal plans. If you are a first-time user of this platform, then do not worry anymore! This article will provide in-depth information about how to sign up with Blue Apron.

So How Do You Sign Up with Blue Apron?

Signing up with Blue Apron is an extremely simple and easy process that features three steps, such as check availability, browse plans & pricing details, and complete the checkout process. Remember to check out our Blue Apron promo code page to help you save money on your first sign up.

Step 1 — Check Availability:

This is the very first step where you need to check if Blue Apron subscription meal services are available to your locality or not. To continue this process, you should enter three mandatory details, for example, your email id, password (create your unique password for Blue Apron subscription), and zip code of your locality.

After entering these three details, please click on the blue-colored Continue button. Now, the platform will check if their services are available to your area or not. If available, you will be directed to the next step i.e. browse meal plans & pricing.

Step 2 — Browse Plans & Pricing Details:

Please note, Blue Apron is currently offering two types of subscription plans, such as Two-Person Plan (serves two people) and Family Plan (serves four people). Also, you have the provision for selecting the number of recipes per week that you want to subscribe. The minimum number of Blue Apron recipes per week is two. However, you have the option to customize it to 3 – 4 recipes per week (based on your preference).

After selecting the subscription plans and recipes per week, you can now browse and select the available meal choices. Blue Apron offers both vegetarian and non-vegetarian recipe choices. A few examples of their meal choice options include Sheet Pan Curry Chicken, Parisian Steak Frites, BBQ Chicken Tacos, Shrimp & Tomato Spaghettini, Broccoli & Ricotta Tartines, and more. Select your preferred meals from the available options and then proceed to the next step.

Step 3 — Complete the Checkout:

This is the final step of the Blue Apron sign-up process. To continue with the checkout process, you need to enter two key information i.e. your address (where the Blue Apron subscription box will be delivered) and billing details (your card number, expiry date, and CVV etc). Also, re-verify your email id, edit it (if needed), and click on the Place Order button.

Well, that’s it…You’ve just signed up with Blue Apron.

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