iStock Promo Code

iStock Promo Code

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iStock Promo Code

iStock by Getty Images is one of the most popular Micro-stock agencies on the web today. We say ‘by Getty Images’ because they are owned by Getty now. You can purchase stock photos from them as part of ‘credit packs’, with each photo costing a certain number of credits, or you can purchase a monthly subscription plan which allows you to download a certain number of images each month.

If you are going to be using a lot of images on your website (like we do!) then a subscription plan is the most cost-efficient way to get images.

Save 15% Off Subscriptions to iStockphoto:

Take 15% off the cost of a subscription when you redeem this coupon. The longer you pay for the subscription upfront, the more money you'll save overall. So if you go for one year using this promo code, you'll save 15% off, but next year it will renew at the regular rate. This promotion ends December 31st.

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Save 12% Off For New Customers:

Save 12% off your first order with iStock by Getty Images when you enter this promo code at checkout. This code is valid until December 31st.

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Save 10% Off Credit Packs at iStock by Getty Images:

Take 10% off credit packs when you redeem this promo code at checkout. This is the best coupon code available for repeat/returning customers who aren't on a subscription plan.

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Sign up and Get Free Files Every Week:

If you create an account with iStock (for free), then they'll email you a selection of free photos/files each week. No payment or anything like that is required.

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Receive a Free 4K Video Each Month:

If you sign up with iStock's email newsletter, you'll get a free 4K video sent to you each month. All that's required is your email.

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About iStock:

istock promo codes

What happens when you search for ‘stock photo’ on istock? This is the first result…

Great photos, illustrations, videos and vectors have become the best way to express ideas and information. Providing a platform where you can get such content at an affordable price is the driving force behind iStock. This is what defines iStock and this is what they are good at.


What we know as ‘iStock’ is a photography company that was launched in 2000 by Bruce Livingstone and which has its roots in Canada. It was the first company to have a microstock photo library. After 6 years of great success, it was purchased by media giant Getty Images for a whopping 50 million dollars. Getty Images allowed iStock to maintain its autonomy while still providing the company with the necessary means to continue growing.

How iStock works.

The company is an online platform where you can purchase images, videos and illustrations at a budget-friendly price. The best photographers, artists and videographers choose to work with iStockphoto. Before an artist is added to the company’s list, they have to go through a vetting process where their skill and professionalism are tested. Furthermore, iStock always checks their artists’ products before allowing them into the library.

iStockphoto Has a Massive Library:

What makes iStock stand out is the large number of images, videos, illustrations and vectors that they have on offer. For example, if you need a photo for your business you will find it at iStock. The website has been designed to make it as user-friendly as possible. This means that you won’t have to search for long periods of time for the image or video that you want. The only problem that you might experience at iStock is that you might be spoiled for choice or that you might end up purchasing more than you intended.

You will find that the various videos and photos are arranged in a systematic and easy to understand method. They have placed in different categories to suit your specific needs. The images you get from iStock are governed by a Standard License. This license allows you to use the image in any way you want to. Once you’ve purchased the image it is yours forever.

How you save Money (The Important Part!):

Money is a contentious issue when it comes to purchasing content such as photos and videos. Quite often, you find that quality photos and videos cost a handsome amount of money. However, iStock has got you covered. The products are designed and priced to suit any taste and budget. Credits range from $8 to $12 per credit depending on the number of credits you want to purchase. Generally, the more the credits you buy the cheaper the credits are. These are the best prices for the quality on offer at iStock.

iStock’s Subscription Deals:

You can also choose to have access to all images at $70 per month for a whole year or you can choose to have access to some images at $29 per month. Under this, you can download 10 photos of your choice. The price then increases slightly according to the number of photos you wish to download but the price still remains affordable. Again, this is an absolute bargain.

Furthermore, you can make some money off iStock. iStock rewards the people who make their photos and videos. If you think you have what it takes to be a great artist then you can make some money off iStock. Artists generally get a commission of about 15-40% from each sale of their image or video. If you can make great images and videos then you can make a lot of money through iStock.

Additional iStock Benefits:

Their site is available in multiple languages. These languages include English, Spanish, Italian, German, Korean and many more.The largest collection of royalty-free stock photos, videos, illustrations and vectors.Easy to understand user interface that allows you to search for photos using many different keywords.Different payment options such as Paypal, Visa and Mastercard mean that you can purchase photos from anywhere in the world. Photos and Videos that keep up with the current trends.A wealth of experience that ensures quality and first-class service.

iStock is the best in the market when it comes to online Microstock photography. The sheer amount of content on offer puts it miles ahead of any other market player. It is definitely the place to look for all your online photography needs.