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July 4, 2013 Off By Coupon Writer Promo Codes Updated for October 2020: is a brand-new ecommerce website that promises to do to Amazon what Costco did to Walmart. It promises to actually be 5-6% cheaper than through memberships that will save you much more money overall.
It also has a patented pricing algorithm that will determine the best price based on your location, the amount of stock that is close to you, and a few other factors that determine how to save money on shipping costs and pass that on to you.
If you purchase more than one item, it can also unlock additional savings on other items that you may be interested in. Basically, it’s a smarter version of

And you know what? You’re even smarter because you’ve realized that you can save an additional 15% off your order just by using the coupon codes in our list below. Enjoy!

Best Discounts Right Now:

Save 15% Off Your First Three Orders

New customers can save 15% off their first three orders at when you use this promo code.

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15% off All Similac items at!

New Customers save extra 15% with this discount code.

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20% off Select Household Brands

20% off with this code.

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Save more on fall essentials at + FREE shipping on all orders $35+

Save on orders over $35.

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10% off your next 6 PET product orders at

Save 10% with this code at

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New Customer Promotion: Save 15% Off Your First Order at

When you use this discount code, you will save 15% off your first order at

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Save 20% Off All Grocery Items!

This is a cool flash sale for 20% off all grocery items. This is to celebrate's launch of their special food items shop.

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Get Free Shipping on All Orders Over $35

When you shop at, you can get free shipping on all your orders that total over $35. No promo code required to take advantage of free shipping: all you need to do is add at least $35 worth of merchandise into the shopping cart.

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15% Off Promo Code For New Customers

This promo code works exactly the same as the other 15% off codes in the list above. If, for whatever reason, the above coupons don't work, try this one out.

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Save 20% Off Household Products at

Save on family-size household products, from Tide to Charmin. By 'family-size', they mean those huge versions of products you see in Costco. But if your household product doesn't have an expiration date (like toilet paper), buying in bulk is always a more economical decision anyways. No promo code required for this offer.

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Save 20% Off Diapers and Other Baby Essentials

If you purchase diapers or other baby essentials, you can save an extra 20% off with no promo code and no expiry date on this promotional offer. Why? Maybe it's because the owner used to own and knows the 'baby business world' inside out. Of course, we're just speculating...

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Save on Samsung Televisions

This is a tantalizing offer: all they told us was that customers can save on Samsung TVs. What they didn't give was specifics: no special coupon code or anything like that. When we clicked on it, we found Samsung TVs for as low as $200 for a 40

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Get 15% Off at

This is called the 'Amazon Killer' promotion, where will give you 15% off your order when you use this coupon.

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How To Enter Promo Codes:

After you have selected all of your items (did you remember the avocado slicer?) and placed them in your shopping cart, it time to press ‘View Cart’.

In the shopping cart, you’ll see all your items for purchase on the left hand side. On the right hand side will be the total cost of your order.

Just underneath your order’s subtotal is the promo code entry field. This is where you enter your promo code: coupon - where to enter promo codes

Enter your coupon codes in this box.

Please Note: You will need at least $35 in eligible items for any of our ‘15% off promo codes’ to work.


Where Did Come From? is really new: the company launched in July of 2015. But they have understandably been growing at an exponential rate as people find out about the ‘ killer’, as some news outlets are calling this company.

The site was founded by Marc Lore, who co-founded way back in 2005. When Lore sold to, he took some time off before he came up with the idea of creating an online ecommerce store that would focus on customers paying less.

Originally the site was considered an online version of Costco or Sam’s Club because it charged yearly membership fees in exchange for lower overall prices on all of their items. But recently announced that they were getting rid of the membership model and making it free for everyone.


How Does Work? coupon code 2016

Kumail Nanjiani is’s (hilarious) spokesperson. has 16 major categories, from electronics to health and personal care, and it has discounted prices based on where you are. You see, it knows how much of a particular stock is available in warehouses close to you, so it figures out how much you’ll save in shipping costs and passes it on to you.

That’s why the prices are 5% cheaper. But they have another cool feature: multiple item discounts. If you place on item in your shopping cart (i.e. batteries), and then add some headphones into your shopping cart, will search for an online retailer that has both those items in the same location. That means they can ship together and save you money. That’s why the prices drop when there are multiple items in the shopping cart.

U.S. Only – The website’s ecommerce pricing algorithm is only designed to work in the States at the moment, so Canadians north of the border can’t use it. You need a U.S. zipcode in order to use the website. in the News: – recently compared the prices of several household products and found that was more than 5% cheaper than’s prices overall. This also didn’t factor in’s discounts when you add multiple items into a shopping cart. Read more… – Fortune magazine covered the story when decided to get rid of the membership model and move to a free for everyone model. For the most part, Fortune is mostly confused about where the profits for the company will come form. Read more… – Fortune’s (again!) attention was grabbed when announced that they were going to go for same-day delivery, just like their main competitor Read More…

On the Web:

Facebook – On’s page they mention that they are very responsive to messages. So feel free to check out their Facebook page if you have a question or concern. Mostly they are just having fun over at and like to share it on their page.

Twitter – Jet’s official Twitter account is full of cool info and news about the company. You can also see enthusiastic customers posting their official ‘yearly savings totals’ and ‘jetbucks’ amounts.

Instagram – Their Instagram page is very similar to their Facebook page, with a lot of the same content. If you’re on one platform instead of the other, then you should totally follow them. But following them on both might be overkill.

Watch Kumail Nanjiani Explain How Works:

This is an awesome video that explains just how’s whole pricing system works. It also made me realize that I need an avocado slicer…