Loot Crate Discount Code

Loot Crate Discount Code

May 30, 2018 Off By Coupon Writer

Coupon Codes Updated for October 2020:

If you’ve come looking for awesome discounts at LootCrate.com, this is the place for you. This page is a summary of the best coupon codes out there for Loot Crate, so that you can save money and enjoy gamer themed goodies every month. Updates and new discounts will always be posted here as soon as possible, so keep checking to get even more savings on Loot Crate’s awesome deliveries.
Loot Crate is an online retailer that sells a ‘crate’ to its customers every month, filled with nerd and geek themed gifts. There’s a t-shirt in every crate, but aside from that the items vary widely from toys to posters to socks. You can subscribe for just one month or twelve, safe in the knowledge that your mystery box will arrive between the 20th and the 25th of the month for you to enjoy. You can pick a theme for the crate such as Star Wars or anime, or you can just go with the flow and see what the month will bring. Our codes are dedicated to helping you get the best possible value out of the crates, with special deals every month. The coupons listed on this page are tested weekly to ensure that you don’t have to suffer the disappointment of not getting your promised discount.

Best Loot Crate Coupons Right Now:

Save 15% Off Any Crate at Lootcrate!

This promo code saves you 15% off any crate at Lootcrate.com. This coupon is valid until December 31st.

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Christmas Deal: Buy 2 Loot Boxes, Get 1 Free:

Use this promo code to get 1 loot box for free when you buy 2 loot boxes. Offer is valid until December 9th.

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Save 10% Off Any Crate at Lootcrate.com

You can use this promo code to save 10% off any crate at Lootcrate.com.

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Take 10% Off All Loot Crates:

This is another site-wide promo code that'll save you 10% off any crate. This includes: Lootwear, Lootcrate DX, Loot Anime, and Loot Gaming.

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Save $3 Off Any Crate:

This discount code will save you $3 off your order. As opposed to the '10% off' discounts above, this one will save you more when you buy an individual crate, instead of a 6-month or 12-month subscription.

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Save 25% Off Loot Gaming Crate:

Take 25% off the Loot Gaming Crate when you use this promo code. Valid for 1 and 3-month subscription plans.

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25% Off Loot Anime Crate:

Take 25% off the wildly popular Loot Anime Crate. This code only works for 1-month and 3-month subscriptions.

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Buy a 12-Month Subscription and Get a Free T-Shirt:

When you purchase a 12-month subscription at Loot Crate, you will automatically receive a free t-shirt. No promo code required.

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Save 25% Off the Loot Vault:

Loot Crate has just launched the Loot Vault, where you can buy collectibles outside of crates. To celebrate they are offering 25% off your first order. But hurry: it's a limited time offer!

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How to use Loot Crate Coupons

To make sure you don’t miss out on savings because of a hidden coupon box, here’s a little guide to how and where to enter your coupon code.

  1. Ordering from Loot Crate requires an account to be made – you’ll have to either sign up with Facebook or an email address unless you already have an account.
  2. Once you’ve signed up, pick your order, whether it’s a 6 month subscription or a one-off crate that you want.
  3. At the very bottom of your payment and shipping details, just above the cancellation policy is a checkbox. It says ‘Have a coupon code?’ Since you’re here, you will indeed have a coupon code to use, so check this box and type one of our discount codes.lootcrate promo code - how to use
  4. After you enter the code, click ‘Apply’.

How Do You Know It’s a Valid Coupon Code?

loot crate coupon - valid promo codes

After you click apply, a phrase written in green will pop-up and says: “valid coupon code: you saved XXXX dollars”. It should look like this:
After the coupon applies, complete the transaction and Boom! You’re done!

Every Question You’ve Ever Had About Crate.com (Well, Almost):

Chris Davis and Matt Arevalo, two of the founders of Loot Crate, wanted to bring geek and gaming products to consumers without them having to wait in line at conventions or shops. They decided that the box and send style of service which had already taken off in fashion and beauty would work just as well with gaming and geek related products. Thus, the idea of Loot Crate was born.

loot crate coupon codes

On its first weekend, the service already had 60 subscribers and this has continued to grow and grow, with the numbers now in the thousands. The company was founded in July 2012 on the passion these men had for gaming and geek products and this is the wave it has continued to ride.

These days, Loot Crate continues to be a popular internet phenomenon. The low prices and reliable service provided are popular with consumers, as is the responsive and down to earth style of customer service. This is a company that understands what its market are looking for, and they’re quick to latch on to any upcoming trends. The company is continuing to develop, with talk of some different products and new crate themes coming up. If you’re into geek and gaming products, Loot Crate and its team are sure to provide you with an exceptional experience.

Loot Crate on the Web:

The founders of Loot Crate attest a lot of their success to their visibility on social media, and they have built up a huge following on these channels. Famous youtubers and bloggers promote their products, and the company appears to watch trends closely to make sure their ‘crates’ remain relevant to their audience. They are responsive and involved in the geek and gaming community themselves, and the company’s social media pages reflect that. This is a company with in-touch, up to date social media who take what customers tell them and use it to their advantage. The content on the pages below is interesting and fun, and should be of interest to anyone who wants to know more about Loot Crate. These are also good places to look out for new collections and discounts offered on crates.

The company has their own geek and gamer new forum called The Daily Crate, which can be found here:


The following social media channels are incredibly responsive, with the company’s representatives responding to individual comments and tweets frequently.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lootcrate/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/lootcrate?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor

Loot Crate on YouTube: