Mt Baker Vapor Coupon Code

Mt Baker Vapor Coupon Code

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All About Mt. Baker Vapor:

 mtbakervapor discount codes

Mt Baker Vapor is one of the most famous online vaping shops, along with Vapor DNA, Vapor Beast and Vapor-Fi. Mt. Baker Vapor sells a wide range of products that match a wide range of vaping customers’ needs. The most vital thing that this it does is to provide their clients with an alternative way of nicotine use.

Some of the products it supplies include; personal vaporizers as well as electronic cigarette types of equipment, for example, e-liquid, hardware or accessories. The business trades by focusing on impeccable shipping, quality or competitive products, and also create good customer relations by providing quality service.

Who Started Mt. Baker Vapor?

Jesse Webb and James Thompson established it in March 2011. Even during those days, they knew that by offering a realistic and a superior alternative to cigarettes, vaping would change the globe. The merchant traces its humble beginnings from home designed laboratory which was located in Bellingham, WA apartment and has come a long way to be what it is now.


From The Casinos To Ecigs.

The person who came up with the original idea or invented it is of James Thompson. By then, he was employed at a local casino and worked as a card dealer. One day, while he was enjoying a competitive poker tournament, James was intrigued after he spotted someone who was using an electronic cigarette. Himself had been a cigarette smoker for about eleven years.

By then, he had a family and had recently welcomed his third kid into the world. Due to the love and care of his children’s health, he decided to keep off cigarettes and allow his kids to grow up while in a healthy environment which is carcinogen-free.

The man started using electronic cigarettes because he loved them. Also, these were new products on the market and he found that learning about them was very exciting. Since he was a smoker for many years, and even he knew many other smokers, he realized how essential his company could be in helping to improve many people’s lives.

Bootstrapping His New Business:

Before the invention, James was very determined to step his foot into the vaping industry. During the year 2010, he started handing out business cards and starter kits for other already established e-cig firms. Despite attending his full-time job at the casino, he was as well working out of his car, and he was earning some extra cash.

After some few months of learning about vaping industry, he eventually gained what he required to start his own company. This was the time when he teamed up with Jesse who became his co-worker.

Initially, before MBV’s rapid growth necessitated for a more active role, Jesse Webb was working as a silent or inactive partner. Since the company had two active owners, their combined efforts played a significant role towards winning the company ’s philosophy as well as growing a broad customer base.

MBV’s Rapid Rise:

While achieving these, the company was gradually becoming successful which has helped it on its way to evolve and grow to what we currently know by the name Mt Baker Vapor. The company’s unique customer service, its affordable juices as well as efficient shipping are three principal ideas which have driven the company’s evolution.

Home-Delivery Set Mount Baker Vapor Apart At The Beginning:

Initially, after the company was established, they decided to stand out from the competition by offering home delivery services. At the beginning, it was them delivering these orders themselves.

To be able to make delivery, they used to make bottles at night. The whole production process would stretch until early in the morning. Then, they were waking up some few hours later to deliveries all their orders at four in the morning so that they would still handle their day-jobs appropriately. They desperately wanted and focused on success thus they were always working will full dedication to achieving their dream.

Moving on Up.

In June 2012, their business model became more firmly established. This enabled the company to shift to its first warehouse structure which was located on Sunset Pond Lane from its homemade lab location.

The move enabled them to increase their production levels for them to meet the growing demand for their juices. Besides, it enabled quit their daytime tasks at the casino and become their own bosses. To help in the production of the e-liquid, they employed the first official employee.

From The U.S. To The Rest of the World.

With time the company was experiencing some significant growth which had spread to other areas. It was no longer contained only to the United States; it was becoming an international company it was gaining popularity in other nations as well.

Later, their extensive customer base prompted a mass hiring of workers and another shift move to a larger building located in Bellingham to keep up with the huge demand.

They’re a Big Employer Now:

Since it was started in the year 2011, Mt Baker Vapor has hired more than one hundred and fifty employees. Its directors believe that a happy staff results in a content company, thus full-time workers receive full health coverage and have always been earning above the set minimum wage.

Apart from creating many jobs, the company has as well prepared, shipped over one and a half million orders to many customers in more than one hundred and fifty countries all over the world. In the year 2014, James and Jesse opened their first go-down in Lynden, WA.

Moving Production to Arizona:

However, the merchant has been facing some challenges in the course of this growth. In June 2015, the company announced that it was relocating its operations to a new building in Mesa AZ. This move was mainly made due to some legislative pressure against vaping industry from Jay Inslee who was then holding a political position as a Washington governor.

Although they were disappointed to leave Washington, Mt Baker Vapor has proven Arizona to be a unique home and is looking forward towards achieving more as well as continue to make advancements in the Valley of the Sun.