Orbitz Coupon Code

Orbitz Coupon Code

June 17, 2018 Off By Coupon Writer

The Best Orbitz.com Promo Codes Updated for October 2020

Before you Book Anything Through Orbitz , Click Here for $75 off

While it doesn't look like investors in international travel are going to do well for a while, you can still travel the United States! No tiers in the deal, you save $75 when you book your flight & hotel together at Orbitz.com. Las Vegas not included in promotion.

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Save $30 On Activities of $100 Or More!

Use this current discount code for Orbitz to take $30 off any activities of $100 or more. Share with your friends send this coupon to an email address.

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Exclusive Offer: Save 10% Off Select Hotels!

Take 10% off off hotel stays with Orbitz! Use promo code to save 10% off select hotels. Book by March 8th.

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Save An Extra $150 Off Vacation Packages with Orbitz!

When you use this coupon for hotel & flight combos totalling over $2,000, you'll save $150 off your order. Offer ends March 31st.

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Up to $1000 to spend onboard on Princess cruises

Save with Princess Cruises' landmark sale. There are dozens of cruises on sale that offer $1000 onboard credits if you book your cruise through this special offer. No promo code required.

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Vacation Package Deals Under $500:

Orbitz has a bunch of vacation packages on sale for under $500. Click through to view all the packages included with this special offer from Orbitz. This is something they update daily.

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Save 15% Off Hotels:

Enter this coupon during checkout to save 15% off your hotel booking with Orbitz.com.

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Members save an extra 10% or more on select hotels

There's special discounted pricing available to logged-in members of Orbitz's website. All you need to do is log in and the discounts will automatically apply. No need to enter a discount code to get the savings. Click through to view full details of this offer.

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Orbitz' Flights Deals under $200:

This is an always updating promotional page where you can find flights discounted under $200. Click through to view all the flights being offered. Feel free to bookmark their page and then you can keep checking back for the latest offers.

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Last Minute Hotel Deals

Click here to view all the last-minute hotel deals Orbitz is currently offering. No coupon code required for this offer.

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10% Off Select Hotels this Summer:

This is the summer beach hotels sale. Enter this discount code to save 10% off your hotel booking. Book by July 1st.

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$1400 Onboard Credit on Cunard Cruises

Get up to $1400 onboard credit when you book with Orbitz. On top of that, suites receive free drinks and tips. No promo code required. Book by July 31st.

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Top Hotel Deals under $99:

This is another page that Orbitz updates daily: hotels rooms that are currently discounted under $99. No promo code required.

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$75 Off Flight+Hotel Booking:

Take seventy-five dollars off your flight and hotel booking when you use this promo code. Click through to view travel dates included with this promotion.

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Why Choose Orbitz For Booking Travel?

These days, you have plenty of choices for where you are going to book your travel. If you fly frequently, there is a good chance that you have used Orbitz at one point or another to reserve your spot on the plane. Considering the frequently high costs that can be associated with air travel, you always want to make sure you are getting a competitive rate – and Orbitz can help you to do just that.

Of course, while we are on the topic of competitive rates, it is a good time to talk about the coupon codes that we have available for Orbitz right here on our page. Before you book your next trip, be sure to check out these coupons and promo codes to see how much money you could save at checkout. We have taken the time to search the web in order to track down these coupons for you, and we even make sure to test them each week to confirm they are still operational. If you have any comment on these coupons please send us an email.

So if you would like to save money on your next vacation or business trip – and of course you would – please feel free to browse the codes below. You can also join the email list to get a unique code sent to you. Book with mail id to take 15% off. Have a great trip!

How to Redeem Your Orbitz Promotional Code:

Okay, Orbitz’s coupon code area is really hard to find, so we made a quick guide to help you find it.
First, find the hotel, flight, vacation package, etc. of your choice. When you ready to book, click on the big red button that says ‘reserve’.
reserve hotels orbitz

That’s the easy part. Next, it will take you to the order screen, where the prices are all laid out and they want you to enter your information/payment info. But where’s the coupon entry field? On the left hand side, scroll down the page, down until you get to payment information.

orbitz.com flights only

Click on the plain text that says ‘enter coupon or promotion code’. Then you’ll see a box where you can enter the code. Usually it’s more obvious than this, but whatever. Now, how do you know if it worked? There will be green! Seriously, a green background will appear letting you know the coupon actually works:

orbitz.com - code worked

A Little Background Info on Orbitz:

The history of Orbitz does not match up with the typical history for a technology company. Many of the companies that have risen to prominence in the internet age have a backstory of being created in someone’s garage before they hit it big. That is not the case with Orbitz. Instead, Orbitz was actually started by a collection of established airline companies. The initial investment to start up the project came from a combination of Continental Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Northwest Airlines, and United Airlines. The project was an instant success, as the Orbitz site attracted an incredible two million visitors during its first month live on the web.

15 years since its launch, Orbitz is now a subsidiary of Expedia, which is a major player in the travel booking business. Orbitz was acquired by Expedia for an impressive sum of $1.2 billion in 2015. In total, there are around 1,400 people that work for Orbitz, and the company has recorded revenue of more than $750 million in previous years. Although now owned by The Expedia Group, the company continues to operate out of Chicago, Illinois.

Orbitz on the Web:

If you are a regular traveler, there is a good chance that you use social media in some capacity. After all, social media is a great way to keep up with family back home, which can help make your trips out on the road a little more enjoyable. Of course, while your on social media, you might as well use it to get useful information from companies such as Orbitz.

As you would expect, this company keeps an active profile on many social media channels, including Facebook and Twitter. By following their accounts, you can receive helpful information and more without having to do anything out of your normal routine.

A quick look at either of the social media pages linked above will show that Orbitz takes their presence on Twitter and Facebook quite seriously. There is new content posted to the accounts regularly, usually every day. Some of the information has to do with travel tips, but sometimes it is just a funny picture or an interesting post.

As an added bonus, there doesn’t appear to be very much overlap between the two streams, meaning you will be able to enjoy fresh content on each platform if you choose to follow them with all of your social media accounts.

Orbitz on YouTube:

Beyond the commonly used social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, Youtube is another spot where you can gather valuable information from companies such as Orbitz. While they do not use YouTube nearly as often as other forms of social media, it is still worth your time to add the Orbitz account to your list of subscriptions. If nothing else, you are likely to enjoy the videos of beautiful scenery that are included in many of their pieces. If you are looking for destination ideas for an upcoming trip, checking out this YouTube channel is a great idea.