Private Internet Access Coupons

Private Internet Access Coupons

July 9, 2018 Off By Coupon Writer

PIA’s VPN service is one of the best-reviewed out there. Instead of traditional promo codes, Private Internet Access instead has special limited time promotions, which we’ll list for you below. For now, the best deals are always on the top of our list:

Best Private Internet Access (PIA) Coupons Right Now:

Get 58% Off on a 2-Year Plan:

This is a cool offer from PIA: sign up for a 2-year plan and save 58% off the month-to-month rate. It works out to just $2.91/month. This is a link-activated discount, so no promo code required.

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51% Off An Annual Plan (1 year):

When you sign up for an annual plan versus a month-to-month plan, you'll save 51% off the regular price. It'll cost $39.99 for 1 whole year, which works out to $3.33/month. The month to month rate is $6.95/month. No promo code required.

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Try out PIA's VPN for Free:

PIA offers a free version of their VPN software that you can download right now. The connections aren't as fast as their premium VPN service. There's a few other drawbacks...which they explain on their website. Click on this offer to view full details on PIA's website.

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iOS App: Free Download

Download the iOS app for free. You can use their free VPN version to help you stay secure when on public wifi. The pricing for their premium VPN service is the same as the desktop.

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PIA's Price Reduced to $2.91/Month:

This is the monthly rate when you sign up for their 2-year plan. You'll pay $69.95, which will work out to just $2.91/month over 24 months. No promo code required.

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Private Internet Access Review


Probably, Private Internet Access is the one company (besides Windscribe, that is), that rings on many people minds when they hear someone talking about a virtual private Network.

It’s a fabulous low costing Virtual Private Network based in the United States and it’s compatible with various types of devices.

It offers internet services worth acceptable speed, blocking ads as well as a simple VPN application with a very friendly price. Though it may have some drawbacks such as limited features and poor support, they can’t overweigh its benefits.

Private Internet Access Features

• Fast Download Speed
The most important feature to consider in a VPN is speed. I.e. The download speed. When you sign in to a bad network, probably slow, you will end up working with low speed.

However, Private Internet Access has a different story. It has a very good speed that actually enables you to accomplish your online tasks within a short time. Its speed both downloading and uploading is fast.
Wrapping it, I give you the assurance that Private internet access has awesome fast speed. What you should know is that speed is a very useful factor to consider and is typically connected to the VPN server you are using.

• No Logging
Logging is the act of monitoring and recording data points from all your activates in a VPN.
E.g., your internet service provider will manage to log which websites you are accessing as well as getting access to your personal data used to connect ISP or email. They can really sell that your private data.

Some Virtual private networks log some certain details such as when you log in or sign off so that they can keep monitoring their usage in order to improve the service delivery.

However, PIA lacks logging Policy thus does not track or monitor communications logs and traffic logs. But at the same time, it tracks some few information among them including;
o Your email address
o The data used to make payment
o A client who consider using optional control-panel usually receives a temporary cookie.
So you should not be worried about logging sing PIA doesn’t support it.

• Security
Private Internet Access offers the high security of data to the users. All its tunneling methods use an AES-256 type of encryption. This is one of the best encryptions you can ever get. Though many VPN uses this method, it’s worth mention it.

However, you can gear up things with other options such as SHA1 or RSA 4096 encryption. These are levels of flexibility which you may never need to use instead, but bear in mind they are there.

Also, PIA has some more useful security add-ons that exceed the standard suite. These add-ons include DNS Leak Protection as well as Killswitch and the shared IP system. So, if you are looking forward to maximizing your security, all these features are relevant for beefing up security at all times you want.

• Installing and Configuring
Private Internet Access is compatible with many operating systems as well as routers and devices. PIA terminals are in plenty for Windows and Mac OSX but Linus has been locked out. In mobile devices, PIA has its app for Android and the iOS app has already hit the market.

Both applications are very easy to install and use. Basically, Private Internet Access has the most powerful features than any other competitor. The application itself is intuitive and simple.

• Customer Support Services
Private Internet Access has effective support as well as the support staff that works behind the scenes to make sure everything is running appropriately. Most of the issues which you inquire are quickly responded to in a professional way thus leaving you satisfied.

o Live Chat Support

PIA offers 24/7 live chat to its users as well as though who are willing to get more information about their services. Their team is well acknowledged and comprehensive who address the individual users inappropriate way.

o Support Tickets
If in case you have gone through with live chat and you have not yet got satisfied, you are given a chance to go through support ticket for solving the problem.

• Servers and Locations
Private Internet Access has thousands of servers that are distributed and scattered worldwide to the quality of the services offered. PIA Claims to have servers in over 28 countries among them including UK, Canada, USA, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, France, and many others.

The Large the number of servers, the more chance of easy unblocking content and streaming are. Also where the server is located matters a lot. This is because laws are flexible in some countries compared to others.

After selecting a certain server, you are provided with an IP address of that specific area and none of any snooping-entity can get to know your real identity.

Private Internet Access Pros
• It is unbelievably simple and very fast to install
• It allows 5 simultaneous connection in both computer and other devices such as mobile
• High privacy guaranteed since there is no logging user IP
• It supports anonymous payment methods such as Bitcoin
• 7-day refund of your money

Private Internet Access Cons
• It lacks native mobile apps thus the need to set up
• It lacks the ability to connect to some servers
• Since it’s simple, it lacks some features

Private Internet Access is the most popular and trusted names among many in the VPN industry due to various reasons. The company’s privacy policy is incomparable. It offers the best. Also, it offers awesome security features as well as high customization degree. All its services are offered at very friendly prices that only a few other VPN companies can battle with it. However, if you need a high performance like a bulk of tormenting as well as streaming Private Internet Access may not be the best. The user interface is somehow easy to use. If you want something simple to use, it’s the best you can go over.

Despite having some shortcomings, I highly recommend Private Internet Access as a reliable and a complete VPN due to high-quality services it offers indeed.