ProFlowers Promo Codes

ProFlowers Promo Codes

June 24, 2018 Off By Coupon Writer

Proflowers Coupon

Is it someone’s birthday? Anniversary? Are you sending get well wishes? Maybe you screwed up big time and now someone is mad at you. Whatever the case, Proflowers has you covered when you want fresh flowers fast and easy.
ProFlowers took a crack at online flower delivery in 1998, seeing steady growth ever since opening their online market to customers worldwide. Working directly with growers, Proflowers is able to access fresh flowers that are closest to their customers, providing the freshest product possible at an affordable price.

All ProFlower packages are cut and assembled by hand, checked over carefully using their in-house 7 step process, and shipped express to maintain freshness. During transport, ProFlowers has developed a systematic approach to packing your flowers so they are both protected and hydrated during their journey.

Below you will find our list of ProFlowers coupons. Please make sure you browse all of them before settling on one. While we are diligent in testing our coupons before posting them sometimes technical errors can occur (though it’s extremely rare). If this happens just let us know and we’ll fix the issue promptly.

Best ProFlowers Coupons Right Now:

15% Off Your Order at

Save fifteen percent off your order at

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Get Flowers From only $19.99:

Browse flowers priced from just $19.99 at No promo code required.

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20% Off Orders of $39 or More:

Take 20% off orders totalling $39 or more at No discount code required.

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Save 15% Off Birthday Flowers & Gifts:

Shop for birthday flowers or gifts and save 15% off your purchase. No promo code required.

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15% Off Anniversary Plants and Gifts:

Save on anniversary gifts and plants at Proflowers. No coupon code required.

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$10 Off Orders of $49 or More:

Take $10 off your Proflowers order totalling $49 or more. No coupon code required. Discount automatically applies at checkout.

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Get Free Delivery on Select Flowers:

Use this promo code to get free standard delivery on select flowers.

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Need help wth the greeting card? Here’s some of the strangest personal messages that have been sent with flowers:

So you’ve picked out that perfect bouquet, but you’re unsure of what to say? You’re not the only one. In fact most people fear the dreaded greeting card message so much that they end up over thinking it. On the flip side there are a lot of things your SHOULDN’T say, either…kind of like the messages below. Take note of what not to do.

Thanks for rescuing my weasel.
Happy birthday, and if these last another week, Merry Christmas.
Sorry about killing your hamster, although I never liked it.
Happy Mothers Day. Do they allow flowers in jail?
This is not a romantic gesture
They didn’t sell grenades, so all you get is this stupid bouquet
Sorry I’m not sorry. It won’t happen again.
Sorry about your crotch. From your ever-loving jackass
Don’t worry about getting well soon. Feel free to take as long as you want.
In tribute to your allergies. *please find the attached antihistamine*
In loving memory of how much I don’t miss you.
These flowers will hopefully make you smell better.
I know you’re just going to tell me these will wilt and die, but I wanted to get you something that reminded me of our relationship.
Another year older. Also…slower, dumber, and uglier. Happy Birthday.
Happy Father’s day. Please give these to Mom.
I made you a birthday cake, but I ate it.
Don’t say I never get you anything. Please give these back to me tonight.
I know you wanted a knight in shining armour, but I’m a dragon and the knight is dead.
You’re special to me in a “short bus” kind of way.
Please stop eating beans.

ProFlowers on the Web:

ProFlowers has an incredible 300,000+ followers on Facebook, and their feed is stuffed full of chances to win gorgeous and vibrant flower packages. There are also many deals and other giveaways to take advantage of. ProFlowers is responsive to customer questions and comments as well.

Their Twitter page offers some unique media when compared to their Facebook page, but there is still quite a bit of overlap, and the deals and contests aren’t as plentiful here. Depending on your platform preference, you may prefer Twitter, but you’re definitely going to want to check out their Facebook in order to cash in on savings.

If you want to see ProFlowers at a glance, their Instagram feed is where you want to go. With over 8,000 followers, you’re going to get plenty of customer feedback, and the same vibrant photos that are on their Facebook and Twitter pages can be found here as well.

ProFlowers on Youtube:

You might be surprised, but ProFlowers has an excellent YouTube channel. With tutorials on how to arrange flowers in stylish new ways, flower care, commercials, how to create center-pieces and more, there are plenty of videos to help you both get crafty as well as look after your bouquet.

Check out this video about taking care of your Roses: