Rosegal Coupon Codes

Rosegal Coupon Codes

August 12, 2018 Off By Coupon Writer

The Best Rosegal Coupons Right Now:

Up to 85% off of summer styles!

Use this promo code to take up to 85% off of summer fashions.

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Save $4 - $9 off of plus-size blouses

This coupon code will allow you to take $4 off of orders of $40+, $6 off of orders of $60+, or $9 off of orders of $80+. Plus free shipping!

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Extra 12% off of makeup brushes plus FREE shipping!

Use this coupon code to take an extra 12% off of makeup brushes, no shippig fees!

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Coupon Zone: Coupons updated regularly!

Rosegal Coupon Zone: check this page regularly for site-wide and category specific coupons! Currently featuring $9 off the whole site when you spend $79 or more, $5 off when you spend $49 or more in Women's, and $6 off when you spend $49 or more in Plus-Size.

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Summer Clearance: up to 70% off and FREE shipping!

Summer fashions are up to 70% off right now and you don't pay the shipping.

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Clearance: 2500 styles for $10 or less with free shipping

Rosegal Summer Clearance event: find thousands of items for less than $10 and don't pay any shipping!

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50% off of seaside-to-street fashions

Take 50% off holiday clothes and resort wear that you can wear at the beach or poole and to lunch.

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About Rosegal

You think of most companies as starting in a board room, or by a single person with an idea in their garage. Rosegal was actually started by a group of people, a few fashionista friends who were very interested in vintage fashions. At the time it was difficult to get vintage fashions, particularly at an affordable rate. You could order from catalogs but they were very expensive, or you needed to comb through local thrift shops and your grandmothers closet. Other than that your only option was to learn how to sew! So the founders of Rosegal decided to find a manufacturer to make vintage style pieces but at an affordable price, by shipping direct from the factory to customers they were able to keep their costs down and prices low. They have since expanded to include modern fashions as well, and have really found their niche in the plus-size clothing market with pieces that are fun and fashionable. And it’s not just clothing, they have tons of great shoes, accessories, and hair items as well.

Return Policy

Hopefully you will never need to use it, but in case you do here are the details of Rosegal’s retun policy for clothing and accessories. They have a 30 Day Returns guarantee for orders of $50 or less, and over the holidays there is an extended 45 day warranty for items shipped between March 1st 2018 and March 12th 2018.

When are you allowed to return an item? There are 3 scenarios in which a retun is posssible. The first is if the item arrives damaged or soiled, Rosegal takes care to maintain quality control on the items that they produce but accidents can happen during the packaging and shipping processes. The second scenario is if the item arrives and it is the incorrect size or colour for you, in this case you may be responsible for the return shipping costs so please take care to make sure your order the correct one. Since sizing can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, please take your measurements and compare them to the sizing chart provided before ordering. The third situation is if the item just does not meet your expectation for any reason. You may return the item provided that is has not been washed or been worn yet.

Of course there are also a few situations where you are not able to return an item. One is if the item has been worn and or washed at all, even if it was only one time it is no longer eligible for a return. If it’s not a clothing item or accessory (for example a purse) if it has been used or misused it is not eligible for a retun either. So if you’ve been using a purse to carry a laptop for 2 weeks and a strap breaks, although it is in the 30 days returns period because you have not been using it for it’s intended purpose you can not return or exchange it. Items that are on sale, or intimates such as lingerie and swimwear are not eligible for returns at all. Earrings are also non-returnable for hygenic reasons.

If you receive an item and need to return it, make sure that you contact the Rosegal support team and as soon as you possibly can. Items that are sent back without a Return Merchandise Form will not be accepted and are not eligible for any sort of refund. When you get in touch with the Rosegal Support team they will get back to you within a 24 hour window with an RMA as well a provide you with the return address. There will be instructions on the return merchandise form that you will need to follow carefully. In addition you will need to provide Rosegal support with a tracking number and a return receipt from the shipping company that you use. Once they receive the item the Rosegal Support team will email you within 3 days to provide you with an exchange item or a refund depending on what the request was. It will take about 3 to 6 business days to process the request, depending on what it was. If you are requesting a refund to your credit card it will taken anywhere from 7 to 14 days to process. For store credit, you should see that in your account (your Wallet) within 24 hours of hearing back from the support team. If you had paid via PayPal then it will take about 48 hours for the transaction to be reversed on your account.

Please note that all shipping fees on returns and exchanges are the responsibility of the customer and are non-refundable.

Rosegal Shopping FAQs

Below we will provide the answers to some questions related to purchasing clothing and accessories from the Rosegal website.

One question that comes up a lot is if there are volume discounts? The answer is yes! If you purchase more than 10 items at a time you will get a discount of 5%, and if you want buy more than 10 you should contact the company to get a quote as the discount will depend on exactly how many pieces you would like to order. Because Rosegal works directly with the manufacturer they can accommodate large orders and will be able to get you the best deal possible.

Another common questions is if billing or shipping can be changed after the order has been submitted. The short answer is: yes it can but you need to contact the Rosegal customer service department as soon as possible. If you realize that you made a mistake on your shipping address then you need to contact them as soon as you find the mistake. If the package has not yet shipped then they should be able to update the address, however if the item has already shipped then shipping information can not be changed once the package is in transit.

A common questions with any online retailer is what types of payment they accept. With Rosegal you have several convenient payment methods available to you. You can choose to pay via Credit Card, with Mastercard, Visa, Discover, JCB, and Diner’s Club being accepted. The easiest method to use Paypal, which is accepted pretty much universally. You can still use a credit card to pay via you PayPal account, plus you get the extra ease and protections of using PayPal (faster refunds for example, in the event that you need one). You can also use Visa Debit, MasterCard Debit, and Visa Electron.