Sixt Rent a Car Promo Codes

Sixt Rent a Car Promo Codes

May 30, 2018 Off By Coupon Writer

Sixt Coupons for September 2020:

Welcome to our collection of Sixt Rent a Car Coupons. Whether you’re going on a road trip, business trip, getting married, or any other occasion, Sixt Rent a Car can meet your demands. Let’s face it…renting a car gives you a no-stress sense of freedom when travelling. With your own vehicle you won’t be prey to the public transportation schedule, enabling you to explore wherever and whenever you please.

With 50+ US car rental locations and offices in over 105 countries world wide, Sixt is one of the most recognized car rental companies available today.

Before reserving your car or truck please browse the coupons below carefully. To assist you in saving money, we’ve confirmed that all of our coupon codes are valid and current.

Best Sixt Coupons Right Now:

35% off of week-long car rentals

When you rent a car for 7 days or more you can enjoy a 35% discount on your rental by using this special offer!

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Savings of up to 30% on last-minute deals

Have a look through these last-minute deals and see if you can save up to 30% on your car rental from Sixt!

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Up to 25% off of car rentals in Las Vegas

We all know that Sin City is designed to part you from your money, so use this special offer to save up to 25% off your car rental with Sixt while you're there.

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25% off of car rentals in France

Use this discount offer to save 25% off your car rental while you explore the beautiful cities and countryside of France. Excellent wine, food, and pastries, vive la France!

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Up to 25% off of car rentals in the US:

If you are renting a car in the United States then you could enjoy savings of up to 25% using this discount offer from Sixt.

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Get 25% off of car hires (rentals) in the UK

Fancy a car hire while you're across the pond? Use this special offer to get a 25% discount.

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Save Up to 15% off of car rentals in Los Angeles

You'll be California dreaming for up to 15% less when using this special offer to save on car rentals in Los Angeles.

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15% off of car rentals in Miami:

Sixt wants to help you enjoy the beach, sunshine, and amazing culture to be found in Miami, use this offer to get 15% off your car rental while there!

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Up to 15% off of car rentals in Phoenix

Visiting Phoenix, Arizona? This discount offer from Sixt will save you up to 15% while visiting this desert city.

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Savings of up to 15% off car rentals in Seattle:

So many great things to see in the city of Seattle, use this offer to get up to 15% off a car to help you get around.

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Special Offer: 10% off car rentals WORLDWIDE!

No matter where you are travelling in the world, you can use this offer to save 10% on your care rental from Sixt.

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10% Discount on Car Rentals in Europe

This offer will save you 10% on car rentals in Europe.

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Additional 5% Discount for Military

Military employees can add an additional 5% discount on top of any other discounts they qualify for from Sixt. Thank you for your service!

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A Little Background Info on Sixt:

sixt rental car coupons
Sixt is a multi-national car rental business with over 4,000 locations world wide. Its roots began in Europe in the year 1912 when Martin Sixt founded the company with only three cars. At the time it was the first car rental company in Germany.

The German Army seized Sixt’s cars for use during the First World War, and it was not until after the war did business resume as usual. It was at this time that a taxi fleet was developed for the US Army members stationed in Germany. This taxi service became a full fledged business in Munich with the first radio taxis.

In the early 1950’s, Auto Sixt was founded. From that point on until the 1990’s the company underwent a variety of name and logo changes, and was traded on the German stock exchange.

The 90’s marked significant success for Sixt, expanding abroad to Switzerland, France and Great Britain. In 1998, they reached even further to Tunisia, New Zealand and Morocco. 2001 marked even more growth, moving them into the Middle East as well as some countries within Africa. In 2011, Sixt inaugurated its operation within the United States.

Today, 60% of the company is still owned be the Sixt family who keep active by managing the business. The remaining 40% is tradeable stock. It is the largest car rental company not only in Germany, but also in Austria, Switzerland and Israel.

Sixt on the Web:

Sixt are very active on social media with over half a million Facebook followers and almost five thousand twitter followers. The posts on their pages primarily consist of an interactive multimedia nature with a call to action attached in order to engage their customers. There are also coupons and promotions offered, but you need to be quick to snatch them up because they don’t last for long. Some of these discounts are offered to select cities, where some other ones are available to everyone.

The posts on Facebook and Twitter differ quite a bit, so there isn’t much overlap. In fact, Twitter seems to have more coupon and discount offerings.

Their customer base is quite loyal, so if you have any questions their Facebook page would be the place to ask. You should receive a response quickly. Make sure to follow both pages in order to stay up to date with the latest news from Sixt.

Sixt on Youtube:

Sixt’s youtube channel features a variety of videos ranging from infomercials about the business to stunning cinematic presentations of enchanting scenery to luxury car tours. If you’re already an avid user of youtube, go ahead and subscribe. Just look at this short, but beautiful Shark Fin Cove drive. Tell me you’re not jealous after watching it.

Luxury Car Rentals

Have you always wanted to drive a high-end vehicle? Want something flashy for a special occasions? With Sixt you can rent a luxury vehicle like a Corvette, Mustang GT, or a Toyota Scion. Please note that not all models are available at all locations. To reserve one you will go through the booking process as normal, and the luxury vehicles that are available will be listed for the date and location that you have selected. They will have a note of ‘Guaranteed’ next to them which means that you are guaranteed to get the exact model that you select.

Important Information for Car Rentals

Here is some important information to keep in mind when renting a car:

  • Minimum driver age: All persons renting a vehicle must be at least 21-25 years of age, depending on what kind of vehicle you’d like to rent. If you are between the ages of 21 and 24 you may be charged a Young Driver surchage that varies in price depending on the type of rental, to a maximum of $279.98 per rental. This information is specific to the United States.
  • License Requirement: Anybody who is renting a car must have a valid drivers license and must have held it for at least one year. There may be further license requirements for certain types of vehicles.
  • ID Requirments: A valid driver’s license must be presented at the time of rental, if your license is printed in a non-Roman character alphabet then you will need to have an international license to be able to rent a vehicle. If you are not from the United States then you will also be required to present a secondary piece of picture ID such as a passport. US Citizens paying by debit card must also provide two utility bills.
  • Smoking policy: There is absolutely no smoking in any Sixt vehicles
  • Insurance: Insurance is not included with your rental fee, but you may opt to purchase insurance from Sixt. If you have your own personal insurance you are welcome to use that, you are required to provide proof of insurance at the time of rental. The basic insurance covers the loss or damage of the vehicle, you may also purchase personal injury insurance if you like.