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Interested in taking a course at No worries, you’ve got plenty to choose from. Actually more than 30,000 to be exact! Let’s talk about how you go about taking a course at this online learning marketplace.

How to Choose a Course:

When you visit the site, you’ll quickly see that there are many sections to look through, covering different course topics. They range from:

  • Development
  • Business
  • IT & Software
  • Office Productivity
  • Personal Development
  • Design
  • Marketing
  • Lifestyle
  • Photography
  • Health & Fitness
  • Teacher Training
  • Music
  • Academics
  • Language
  • Test Prep

Now if you click on any of these sections, you’ll notice that they also have sub-sections, with topics specifically only for that section.

For example, here are the sub-sections for the Lifestyle section:

  • Arts & Crafts
  • Food & Beverage
  • Beauty & Makeup
  • Travel
  • Gaming
  • Home Improvement
  • Pet Care & Training
  • Other

how to use udemy

One of the best things about Udemy is that this is a well-organized site and that you’ll be pleased to find that there are courses to suit just about everyone’s tastes.

How to Order Your Udemy Course:

Within the click of a button or two, you’ll be registered quite soon!

When you look at all Udemy courses, you’ll see a bright green button that says “Take This Course” next to the price for it. Simply click on this button.

If the course is free, you’ll see a “Start Learning Now” button and no price listed.

That will bring you to a login/registration screen. If you are new to Udemy, it is time to create an account. But if you have an existing Udemy account, then simply sign in with your credentials.

Udemy will then prompt you to pay for the course. You will be given several payment options, including Paypal, VISA and MasterCard. Select the payment method you prefer and then enter your payment information. Be sure to add any coupon code(s) if you have them, to be awarded your discounted price. Then click Enter.

It’s Time To Go to School!

You’ll soon see that you are registered for your course and can enter the classroom. Your instructor most likely will send you a “Welcome” e-mail that provides some introductory information about the course. Keep this e-mail as it may become a helpful guide to getting started.

Click on the blue button that says “Continue to Course” and you’ll be entered in the classroom. You’ll see the title of the course you are registered for at the top of the screen to the left and the instructor’s name to the right, with their photo in a small circle.

How Do I Choose a Course?

Let’s say you wanted to learn how to publish Kindle or eBooks to earn an income. Not only is there a course on this topic, but there are several. So how do you choose which one to take?

Kindle Publishing: Write, Self Publish & Market Your Books
How I Earn Over Five Figures a Month Writing and Publishing Books on Amazon, Nook, iBooks and How You Can Too!

Instructor: Charity Cason, Home Business Expert, Bestselling Author

Course Cost: $299

Amazon Kindle eBook Publishing – How I Made Over $39K w/eBooks
Secrets to Creating Passive Income by Self-Publishing Kindle eBooks – How to Write, Publish and Sell Ebooks on Amazon

Instructed by Steve McDonald

Course Cost: $199

Learn & Earn: Make Passive Income Selling eBooks & Courses

Rob Cubban earns $5,000+/month from selling ebooks and video courses on Amazon, Udemy & his own personal website. Learn how you can do this too!

Instructed by Rob Cubbon

Total Course Cost: $99

As you can see, each of these Kindle & eBook courses looks interesting – so how do you choose which one to take?

Tip #1. Consider your goals for taking the course.

The Kindle Publishing course by Charity Cason mentions it will teach you how to publish not only on but Nook and other platforms. Learn & Earn by Rob Cubbon doesn’t just teach you about Kindle books, it shows you how to create online courses to teach. Amazon Kindle eBook Publishing by Steve McDonald is 100% focused on publishing on Kindle. What do you want to learn and what would you like to achieve as a result of taking the chosen course?

Tip #2. Take a look at the Instructor’s bio & the reviews for the course.

At Udemy we are fortunate that all instructors are experts in their field. But what skills and passions do they share in their bio? Also look at the reviews their course has received. You’ll see an average of the star ratings – the 5 star rating is the highest they can receive. Students who have taken the course usually not only leave them a starred rating but generously share their experience of what the course was like.

Tip #3. Think about your budget.

Each of the courses we’ve mentioned is budget friendly and an excellent value for what it provides. But which one teaches you what you want to know and works within your personal budgetary needs? Everyone’s budget is different and this is a highly personal choice. So what would be okay for one student might not work for another. Only you can make that decision. Do remember that when you create an account with Udemy, they often send you coupons and discounts, which can make a course you’d love to take well within your financial reach. So don’t miss out on that course you want – get an account today!

What’s Next?

Before getting started, see how many Sections and Lectures there are. This will give you a sense of how to manage your time while taking the course. Most courses are divided into several Sections, about 3 Sections is typical.

Lectures are usually about 2 to 10 minutes on average. You can watch 1 or several, depending on how much time you have scheduled for your classwork for the day. Right under the Lecture’s number and title, you will see the amount of time it takes to complete.

To start your course, simply click on the large black arrow at the top on Lecture 1. This will be the Introduction to the course. You can continue on to other Lectures as you would like to.

Remember to participate in the special course forum/message board that is offered for the first 30 days of your course. This is a wonderful opportunity to ask your Instructor any questions you might have about material covered or projects you are working on related to the course. Simply click on the blue Add Discussion button to take part.

Finally, make the commitment to yourself to take part and do your best. Don’t simply watch the Lectures passively. You’ve invested both your money and time in this course in the hopes of bettering yourself. You deserve this opportunity – it is up to you to make the most of it!

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