Udemy Coupon Codes

Udemy Coupon Codes

July 6, 2018 Off By Lisa

Udemy Promo Codes for September 2020

Udemy is one of the most popular online course websites, with over 30,000 individual courses and over 2 million students worldwide. These coupon codes will help you save at least 75% off the regular price of an online course. Click the big red button below to reveal the promo code, and then enter it when you get to Udemy‘s shopping cart.

Latest Coupon Codes for Udemy (Newest Listed First):

Take Nearly Any Udemy Course For Just $10

This is a cool promotion: nearly every course on Udemy's website is $10. This promotion is valid until the end of the month.

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Udemy Courses Are Currently Just $10 (up to 90% Off!)

Udemy is having a new sale. As part of their promotion, you can take any course for $15 when you use this coupon code.

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December Sale: Take Nearly Any Udemy Course For 75% Off

This is a cool October promotion: nearly every course on Udemy's website is $19 when you use this discount code.

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Get 75% Off Any Of Udemy's Courses

This discount code will save you 75% off any course on Udemy's website. This is on top of the already-reduced price of courses.

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Take A Course You Can Finish in Under 3 Hours For Just $19

Udemy's offering some of their top courses that you can finish in just under 3 hours for only $19 when you use this promo code.

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Take Any Course on Udemy's Website For Just $15

New! Udemy is offering nearly all courses for just $15 when you
use this coupon code.

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Exclusive Coupon! Save 25% Off Any Course

This is an exclusive promo code that Udemy sent to us: save 25% off any course! Remember that Udemy's new course-pricing structure means that most courses are now only $20-$50.

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New Udemy Prices! Save 20% Off Already-Reduced Prices

Udemy is changing the pricing structure of their courses, and now they will cost between $20 to $50 (instead of $199 average). You can use this promo code to save another 20% off the new regular price.

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Take an Online Course for Just 80% Off

This is a site-wide 80% off promotion on Udemy's website. You will still need to enter the discount code to qualify for the promotion.

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Take Any Udemy Course For Just $24

Udemy is having a promotion right now: take any course on Udemy's site for just $24 when you use this discount code.

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Udemy Courses: Pay Only $19

Take any course for just $19 when you use this coupon.

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Save 75% Off Udemy Courses

Take any course on Udemy's website for 75% off the regular price.

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How to Redeem These Udemy Promo Codes:

Nearly every shopping cart utilizes promo codes, and yet they all put them in different areas. We’ve put together a simple step by step guide so that you don’t accidentally miss your opportunity to save on your Udemy course:

  1. On Udemy’s website, browse through the course selection and select the course you would like to order.
  2. On the course’s page, on the right hand side, there will be a box that says “Redeem a Coupon“.
  3. Click on it and enter the discount code: Udemy - where to enter coupon codes
  4. The discounted price will then show up before your course enters the shopping cart.
  5. Complete the transaction as you normally would.

And you’re done! Udemy’s system is unusual in that you enter the discount code before you even place the course in the shopping cart. But since you’re a smart consumer you knew to read this guide before ordering your course. Congrats!

How Udemy’s Coupons and Classroom Pricing Works:

If you visit Udemy.com, select a course and try to enroll, you will likely find that the price of the course is somewhere between $49 and $199. While some people will pay that much for these courses, it is very easy to find coupons and discounts out there on the web.

Course-Specific Discounts: Instructors will sometimes offer limited time promotion prices for their courses in order to increase the number of people that enrol. Also, if you take one course by a certain Instructor, that person may email you a discount code that you can use on other courses taught by the same person.

Site-Wide Promotions: Udemy’s website usually has a site-wide promotion where nearly all courses will be offered for $25, $15, and in some cases as low as $10. These are great because you can enrol in a few courses and it will only cost you $40, where it would have cost you close to $1,000 at the regular price.

Not All Courses are Applicable: When we said ‘nearly all courses’ are discounted, it means that Instructors can choose whether to allow a certain coupon to work on their course. While most Instructors will participate in Udemy’s site-wide promotions, some courses are off-limits. A quick check of Gary Vaynerchuk’s course revealed that he allows coupons to be used for his class, but Guy Kawasaki’s class does not (you have to pay $199 to take his course).

All About Udemy.com:

Udemy.com is one of the most popular online classroom websites in the world. It has rapidly grown since its creation in 2010 and currently houses over 32,000 courses. Taking those 32,000 courses are over 9 million students worldwide.

What is Udemy?

We get into a deeper explanation here, but Udemy is a website where anyone can create a course, and anyone can take a course. The website has a reliable rating system where students can rate the instructors and quality of course content, ensuring that the most popular classes are high-quality.

One particularly popular subject on Udemy is internet marketing. Since this is such a rapidly-changing field of study, being able to update your course as the world changes has made Udemy particularly attractive to several highly-respected influencers in the marketing world: Guy Kawasaki and Gary Vaynerchuk are two incredibly popular marketing professionals that have launched courses in the past year.

What would eventually become “Udemy” was originally founded by Eren Bali in 2010. After building some software for a virtual classroom, Bali thought that his software would be valuable to other instructors who want to teach online classes.

There are online courses on everything you can image: self-publishing, making your own app, learning languages, personal finance, and more. Udemy has been featured in the New York Times and Forbes Magazine.

In The News:

Along with Microsoft, Udemy has signed an MOU (a “Memorandum of Understanding”) to help improve the employability of youth in the Middle East and Africa. Read more at Vanguard…

Around the Web:

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Udemy on Twitter – Udemy’s Twitter feed is a little more involved than their Facebook page. They regularly tweet to their customers/professors. This is where Udemy seems most active on social media.

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