Vapor4Life Coupon Codes

Vapor4Life Coupon Codes

July 10, 2018 Off By Coupon Writer

The Best Vapor4Life Coupons Right Now:

Save an Extra 20% Off Clearance Items:

Browse the clearance section of their website and you'll save an extra 20% off when you redeem this coupon code at checkout.

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15% Off Site-wide Promo Code.

This is a site-wide promo code you can use to save fifteen percent off your order.

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10% Off All Vape Pods and Devices:

Take an extra ten percent off pods when you redeem this discount code.

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Save 15% Off Mods, Tanks and Accessories:

Get savings of fifteen percent off all mods, tanks and accessories when you use this coupon. Free shipping on orders over $75.

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Free Shipping on Orders Over $20:

When you use this coupon, you'll get free shipping on your order totalling $20 or more.

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20% Off On All Kangertech Products

You can save a full twenty percent off all Kangertech products when you use this discount code.

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25% Off Space Jam e-Juice:

Use this coupon to save twenty five percent their order of Space Jam e-juice.

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Get an extra twenty five percent off VIV pods, which are Juul compatible.

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All About Vapor4life:

vapor4life coupons specializes and uses modern technology to help smokers transits from traditional cigarettes to the safe e-cigarettes. While not quite as large as VaporBeast, VaporDNA, Mt. Baker Vapor and other online vaping shops, Vapor4life has recently been growing at a rapid rate.

The company specializes in various e-juices and thousands of flavors.

Vapor4life’s History:

Vapor4life is the only company in the world which has invested heavily in the field of electronic cigarettes. The company has invested a lot of money in terms of millions of dollars and many years of expertise.

The company mostly specializes in the most advanced technology to come up with numerous flavor combos.

Why was Vapor4Life created?

Vapor4life is a brainchild of Steven Milin…popularly known as Smilin. This is after he made a miraculous discovery of electronic cigarettes back in 2008. Since October 2008, Steve has not smoked an analog cigarette.

Having buried both his parents to cigarette smoking-related complications and being unable to quit smoking, Steve was on a mission.

He spent four years overseas trying to invest the best smoking device in the world. This was meant to help everyone who intends to start smoking smart.

How are the products made?

So how does Steve make his products? He first used e-cigs which were nothing close to cigarettes. Steve saw potential. The first product he found was a simple to use automatic battery he re-engineered together with a prefilled cartridge.

This replicated smoking so well and he became the largest online seller in his first fiscal year. Smilin has thousands of customers who are in love with the form factor.

If you love chewing your cigar, you have no reason to worry; the mileometer cartomiser is made for people who love chewing on their cigarettes.

In as much as its patent-pending, this product has been made with the following special features:

– A stainless battery with a soft touch.

– A coil atomizer which is vertical.

– Silicone tip with a medical grade.

The Vapor4Life Guide.

The company ensures that they provide you with the best guide on vaping. Vapour4Life products provide a perfect alternative for people who are intent on quitting smoking.

You might ask yourself why e-cigarettes? An e-cigarette or electronic cigarette is a portable device.

It uses a battery to heat the optimizer which turns the e-liquid into vapor. An e-cigarette is a simple device even though it takes a lot of effort to develop one.

Rechargeable e-cigarettes vs disposable cigarettes

Most people first smoke a disposable cigarette when they first try the e-cigarette. This is because disposable e-cigarettes are convenient to use since they are vape ready to use.

They also don’t require e-liquid or charging, so in that manner, they are just like traditional cigarettes.

Our vapor4life don’t have a metallic tip. They are also made with a chewable and soft tip that will feel just like an ordinary cigarette in your mouth.

Disposable e-cigarettes contain a methanol juice or tobacco with 2.6% nicotine. This leaves you with a strong hit in your throat incomparable to none.

The reason it’s called a disposable gadget is that eventually, it will run out of charge and will need to be replaced with another e-cigarette.

Vapor4life’s disposable e-cigs last as long as a pack and a half of cigarettes would last you depending on how often you vape.

On the other hand, a rechargeable e-cigarette will give a greater ability to personalize your vaping experience.

Vapor4Life’s rechargeable e-cigs come with a rechargeable battery. You can plug the batteries and then reuse the e-cigarettes.

Rechargeable e-cigarettes, unlike disposable e-cigs, come in two different parts. First of all, you will need a sound and reliable battery like the Vapor King, Vapor Zeus or Vapor Titan.

A rechargeable e-cigarette will also require a separate prefilled cartridge or an empty cartomizer which will hold the e-liquid.

The Vapor King and Vapor Titan work well with the prefilled cartomizers. They come in over a hundred and fifty flavors.

They are easy-to-use since you only need to screw your favorite cartridge on your battery and you are all set to go.

TheVapor Zeus e-cig is more of a mod made with an advanced technology. This is an electronic cigarette which allows you to pour your own electronic juice into the cartomizer.

The e-juice can last for days and you can also refill it with your favorite juice.

A single charge on this mod type e-cigarette can last you up to 13 hours because it has a longer battery life.

You can choose your own nicotine concentration with a rechargeable e-cigarette. This is especially helpful if you intend to get rid of nicotine.

There are 7 different nicotine levels one can choose and make your e-cigarette perfect for yourself.

Why should you use Vapor4Life’s products?

VaporforLife is confident of what they deliver that’s even why they have a money back guarantee promise.

The following are the reasons why you should giveVapor4Life products a try if you want to start vaping:

1. Guaranteed a safe and secure online shopping experience

Vapor4Life operates like a close-knit family offering the best customer care at all times.

This is also a fully certified PCI company which means it’s a secure site so feel very safe as you use your credit card to purchase Vapor4Life products.

2. High-quality e-juice manufacturers

Vapor4Life e-juices are produced in ISO certified laboratories which ensures that all the products are of the best quality.

They also have an assortment of flavors specifically meant for smokers. Check out this collection:

– Yummy dessert

– Coffee

– Candy and fruits

– Beverage flavors.

3. Child resistant bottles

Did I just say that this is just like a close-knit family? Well, it is and just like any other family, they take care of their own.

Each and every e-juice is sold in a sealed child-resistant bottle.

4. Fastest shipping

Orders are shipped promptly. Orders placed before 4 pm CST-MF are shipped on that very day.

Many are the days the staff has stayed late in the office to ensure that you do receive your e-juices.

5. A variety of options

They have the largest assortment of flavors in their stock which is always ready for shipping.

The flavors are perfectly engineered to offer you a perfect taste which is also good for your throat and chest.

From the seven-strong nicotine levels, every smoker is assured of a right level to quench their cravings.

You have a choice of adjusting your nicotine strength and titrate it down gradually if your desire is gradually quit nicotine.

6. Established company

Vapor4Life has been in business for a while now, since 2008 which has made it among the leading e-cigarette companies in the world.

The company is committed to helping thousands of their customers make that transition and many have remained loyal customers. It has changed the lives of many smokers in a very good way.