VaporDNA Coupon Codes

VaporDNA Coupon Codes

May 30, 2018 Off By Coupon Writer Coupons Updated for September 2020:

Welcome to our collection of VaporDNA coupons! What started as a tiny online store a few years ago has grown to become the most popular online vape store, offering a gigantic selection of the top brands within the electronic cigarette industry. It joins other popular online vape shops like in a growing movement. VaporDNA works diligently to ensure their customers are provided with unmatched service, selection, and the lowest possible price ANYWHERE.

If you stumble upon a coupon that doesn’t work please let us know immediately. We make sure to test all of them before making them available, but sometimes technical difficulties can arise.
In order to choose the best coupon that suits your needs please browse our offerings carefully before choosing.

Best VaporDNA Coupons Right Now:

Save 10% Off Site-Wide

This is a site-wide coupon code that'll enable you to save 10% off your entire order at

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Save 25% Off Site-Wide For Black Friday!

Enter this promo code to save 25% off the entire store!

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Save 20% Off All Alternative Vaporizers

Buy $150 worth of products at VaporDNA and you can save $30 off your order when you enter this promo code.

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Save $30 Off Your Purchase of $150 or More

Save 20% off all Alternative Vaporizers when you redeem this promo code at checkout.

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$20 Off Your Order of $120 or More

Use this coupon to save $20 off your order of $120 or more.

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Take $10 off Your $75 Purchase

Spend $75 and save $10 off your order when you use this coupon.

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$10 off per Bottle All One Hit Wonder E-liquid!

Buy One Hit Wonder E-Liquid and save $10 off your order when you use this coupon code.

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Buy One get One 50% Off all Yami Vapor Eliquid

When you use this coupon code you can buy a second Yami Vapor Eliquid for 50% off.

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Take $5 Off Your Purchase of $40 or More

Spend $40 at VaporDNA and you can use this coupon to save $5 off your order.

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Save 10% off your Order

This is yet-another-10% off coupon code for your order. Minimum purchase is $75.

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Save 10% Off Your Order When You Sign up for the VaporDNA Newsletter

Companies love it when you sign up for their newsletter. VaporDNA will send you a custom 10% off coupon code when you sign up for their newsletter on their website. Just enter your email address in the top-right hand side of the screen and you'll get the custom coupon code in your email inbox.

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About VaporDNA:

VaporDNA is the only vape company to earn the Circle of Excellence award from BizRate in 2016, labelling them as a retail outlet that go above and beyond for their customers. In addition, they offer a 45-day return policy on all of their products, boasting supreme confidence in their quality. Whether you’re looking for a starter kit, RDAs, Sub-Ohm Tanks or Premium Box Mods, VapourDNA has your needs covered no matter your budget. Each and every product is guaranteed to be authentic and fresh directly from the manufacturer.

How to use VaporDNA Coupons:

Sometimes the location of the coupon promo code box can be hard to find, so here’s a quick guide. Please follow each step to avoid missing out on savings.

After you add all the items you want to buy to the VaporDNA shopping cart, click on “View Cart“.

Now, under the list of items you’re about to buy, there will be an entry field with the words “Coupon Code” before it. Enter one of the coupon codes from
the list above and click “Apply”.

how to use coupon codes - vapordna

How You Know It’s a Valid Promo Code:

After you click ‘Apply’, you should see the price automatically become discounted where the order total is:
vapordna promo codes

If you’re happy with the discount, then complete the transaction as you normally would. If you’re not happy, keep trying these coupon codes until you find the best coupon for your particular order.

5 Vaping Tips You Must Know:

vapordna coupon codes

So you’re done with smoking? That’s awesome, but with all the information about e-cigs that is currently available it’s tough to know what to expect. That’s why we’ve got 5 important tips you should read before you buy.

1.) It’s not the same as smoking. The all too familiar (and sometimes all too good) feeling of pulling out that cigarette, lighting it up, and taking your first puff isn’t exactly the same as an e-cigarette. That’s not to discourage you, however. In fact, the variety of vaping flavours and devices is much more vast than one would expect, and though most e-liquids contain nicotine they are still considered 95% safer than traditional cigarettes

2.) After coming to a decision on which vaping model you want you’re going to have to purchase additional equipment and liquid, and not all hardware is compatible with each model. It’s going to take some time to discover which flavours you prefer, and which amount of nicotine works best for your needs. While this can take some time, you need to remember that vaping offers you a world of flavour that smoking never can.

3.) Smoking is expensive, and while some e-cigs can come in at a price point of hundreds of dollars, it’s important to remember that the device can last you years to come whereas if you’re smoking a pack a day your monthly bill for cigarettes alone is coming in well over that amount.

4.) If you get a new vaping liquid that seems too weak or lacking in flavor, give it a week in a dark room, shaking it occasionally. This “steeping” method is said to bring back the richness in the flavour.

5.) Got a horrible taste in your mouth after a few puffs? You may have forgot to prime your coils. Damage to your coils can happen when the liquid inside your tank doesn’t soak into the wick properly. If this happens your coil will be damaged for good, so make sure that when you buy a new tank or replace your atomizer heads you throw a few drops (carefully) inside the coil itself. Once the coil is primed, you can place it inside the tank.

VapourDNA on the Web:

Considering they are the industries leading online retailer, VaporDNA has made a name for themselves across the most popular social media outlets.

Facebook and Twitter
Their Facebook and Twitter pages are loaded with daily content including sneak peeks and weekend sales, daily coupons, statutory holiday specials, and Q&A posts in order to engage their audience and receive feedback about their products.
They currently have almost 20,000 followers between the two platforms, and they are available 7 days a week to answer any concerns or questions their customers may have.

Their Instagram page is where it’s at. With multiple posts per day there is some crossover between the other platforms, but their Instagram feed is going to offer you savings you won’t see on their other pages. The photos of their products are all professionally shot, giving their feed a sleek look and design any vape fan could easily fall in love with. Additionally, this is where you’re going to benefit from other customer feedback the most, and there’s nothing better than talking to someone who’s had first hand experience with the product you’re wanting to purchase.

VapourDNA on Youtube:

If you desire to go a bit deeper into researching VaporDNA, YouTube is an excellent source of information. While VapourDNA does not have their own channel, many customers have filmed themselves doing reviews and unboxing of their products. This is another great way to converse with other customers who will be able to point you in the correct buying direction.
Check out this up close and personal unboxing and review of VaporDNA’s SMY75 Mini Kit: