Vaporfi Coupon Code

Vaporfi Coupon Code

July 8, 2018 Off By Coupon Writer

Save 25% Off VaporFi's Blend of the Month:

Every month, Vaporfi takes twenty-five percent off a customer created e-juice blend. Click to view which one is on sale this month. No promo code required.

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Up To 75% Off Clearance Items:

Vaporfi's clearance section has prices slashed up to 75% off their order. No promo code required. Click to view all the items currently on clearance.

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Get 10% Off Instantly When You Sign Up For Their Newsletter:

When you enter their email and join their newsletter, they'll send you a custom promo code you can use to save 10% off your purchase. This will be an exclusive coupon code that only you can use.

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Buy More e-Liquid, and Save More:

Buy 2 or more e-liquids and you'll automatically get a discount on your purchase. The more you add, the bigger discount will appear in your shopping cart. All you need to do is add e-liquids to your order.

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20% Off with Auto-Delivery at

When you sign up with auto-delivery VaporFi will discount your orders by up to 20% off.

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Give Your Friend $10 Off And You'll Get $20 Off at

This is their refer-a-friend program. When you enter a friend's email, they'll get a $10 discount. And if they redeem it, you'll get $20 yourself! No promo code required.

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Get $20 Cash Back on Every 200 Points Earned:

Sign up to their Vaporfi Rewards Program and when you earn 200 rewards points, you'll get $20 cash back. You get 1 point for every $2 spent.

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Our VaporFi Review:

VaporFi is an online vaping shop like Vapor DNA, VaporBeast and My Freedom Smokes. Vaporfi is actually an international-Vapor Group Inc subsidiary. This company its mission is giving users an extraordinary and unique vaping experience never seen before. They are aiming to achieve this by using variety of various vaping products that are ideal for both beginners as well as the advanced vipers. In fact, they have a good reputation as the leading brand that provides products on their online platform and in local stores, here is more info about VaporFi.

Who’s Brand Is It?

Just like any other product brands, different vipers are suited by different vape brands. Some brands are best suited for beginners, while others for cloud seekers as well as others are specifically for expers. You should consider using VaporFi if:
• You’ve previously tried various e-liquids, but never have your taste buds felt satisfied.
• You want a superior setup but you are not willing to spend much of your time setting up your vaping-gear.
• You want to customize and tweak your vaping gears according to your will.

Shopping Options:

VaporFi offers its customers unique shopping experience. Its customers can shop online or at the retail locations. It’s easy to find nearest VaporFi location. You can easily find it by enabling location accessing ability on your computer, tablet as well as the phone. The website will definitely search for you. For retail locations, VaporFi stores are everywhere in US. including Washington, South Beach, Houston, Philadelphia as well as Orlando.

Product Quality:

VaporFi promises its customers the best quality ever for its e-cigarettes as well as the vaporizers in case of flavor, battery life and vapor. The VaporFi Pro 3-Vape-Starter Kit is highly anticipated and will never disappoint you.
For dry-herbs, Orbit Dry-Herb has the superior design and technology to make its users get the best experience. In this one, you will get a very improved heating device which you can easily open and fill it.
VaporFi All- in One 75-watt-temperature control-device that comes with a MOD combo and a tank. Thus clearing the worry of getting compatible setups.

VaporFi Kits and Devices:

VaporFi provides customers with a unique and wide variety of high-quality vaping devices. These devices vape pens as well as to vape mods to name few. They are designed in a way they will give the users the superb results out their e-liquids or dry herbs. These devices vary in design, style, you can customize to your desire.
VaporFi has interesting devices for beginners, intermediate as well as the advanced vapers which is contrary to many vaping brands which don’t provide kits for advanced vapers.

Option to Build Your MOD or Vaporizer:

VaporFi customers have are privileged to customize their vaporizers. This is achieved by VaporFi giving their customers freedom of choosing tanks, atomizers as well as battery that they like. Users, of course, they are free to choose any color they desire.


VaporFi doesn’t compromise when stocking the e-liquids. It stocks only the best e-liquids. The standards of manufacturing are high and contain USP Grade Kosher-materials. They use glycerin to offer the purest standards.
Variety and taste has been extensively covered to meet all customers needs. Their e-liquid is made from food grade ingredients, thus making the flavors consistent as well as smooth. Before going to market, all flavors are quality tested and approved. Users have the option to customize their flavor options with the custom blender which has over 30,000 options.
For easy searching, there are various category flavors among them includes; fruit, menthol, tobacco, beverage, and dessert, candy, seasonal, breakfast flavors as well as pre-filled cartridges and flavor enhancers.

VaporFi’s High Standards:

The VaporFi was created with only with one concept, provision of higher standards as well as better quality products. Thus, they are in to fix the problem which has been a headache to e-cigarette users as they used to use low quality and underperforming products.


When dealing with prices, VaporFi pars much with its competitors. They have very affordable prices which every user is able to afford. For example, 30ml e-juice goes with an average of $15.99 with some dropping up to $11.99. So, you should not worry about the price since everything is there for you.


Their packaging has never gone wrong on impressing, in reality, their package is the best than any other brand. They size the green and white card boxes according to their products. Styrofoam ensures everything is safe inside. In short, packing is secure, elegant and opening is eased.

Customer Service:

They really know exactly what customer want. They work with expert innovators who help them to give their competitors a run of their money. They serve their customers with higher caliber options when it entails the vape products. They are seasoned in this industry thus giving the best products ever. Since they have a clear plenty knowledge of exactly what customers really need, they give exactly that.

Warranty and Money Back-Guarantee:

Higher percentage of VaporFi products have a warranty not exceeding 90 days. Thus, it’s hardy for users who encounter any problem in their products over this period. This does not include e-liquids, atomizer heads, drip tips, tanks, clearomizers as well as cartomizers.

Getting help is very easy. You will have to contact VaporFi and explain your issue then you will receive a Return-Merchandise-Authorization number. Then you ship the product with defects without exceeding 20 days after getting your Return Merchandise Authorization.

You can either return the item with defects with a flat-rate priority padded-envelope or by use of USPS, the first-class mail to guarantee its safety. After the item has been received, it’s inspected and in case they find it has manufacturing defects they definitely refund all the shipping expense to your account. VaporFi provides 30-day- money back guarantees in case you are not fully satisfied with the item.


For shoppers around and in USA are offered free shipping when they order products worth not less than $75. The processing, as well as turn-around time is quick, and there is the same day delivery on orders that are placed by 12:00 hrs EST.

Visit a Local-Store:

In their local stores, VaporFi has organized their vape shop in a perfect way. Their staff is very experienced on this stuff and will answer you any question you have regarding their products in a professional way.

VaporFi is a unique and brand and has conquered any other brand of its type. Their website is very user-friendly. When you compare their prices with other brands, they are the best on the market.

It has a variety of sleek looking and fully-customizable vaping devices. Everyone has something at VaporFi. Thus making it one of the most popular andthe giant online vaping products stores. You will get the great value for your money when you buy its products and you’ll never be disappointed.