Verizon Wireless Promo Codes

Verizon Wireless Promo Codes

March 30, 2020 Off By Coupon Writer Promo Codes for October 2020

Sign up to Verizon Wireless and save money when you apply our promo codes & coupons to your order. You can get up to $300 in Verizon eGift cards when you bring in your phone, as well as up to $700 off the iPhone 11 when you switch (full coupon details are below).

If you are going to make a purchase on Verizon in the near future, please be sure to check out the coupon codes that have available listed below. These coupons are great for saving you money on your next purchase, which is important considering how much most people spend on cell plans and phones today. To keep your budget in order while also getting great service and high-end products, these coupon codes can be a huge win.

Each week, we take the time to test the codes listed below to make sure they are still functioning properly on the Verizon Wireless site. The last thing we want you to do is waste your time with outdated or discontinued codes, so you can be sure that those listed below are functioning and ready to save you money.

Get Up To $100 Gift Card & 1 Free Year of Disney+ & Hulu!

Sign up to Verizon Fios' best internet available and get up to $100 Verizon gift card, plus a free year of Disney+ and Hulu!

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Fios Military Discounts: Save with Exclusive Offers:

Enjoy 200 mbps, 400 mbps, or a gigabit connection for $10/month to $20/month cheaper when you're a member of the military. You just need to confirm eligibility with veterans advantage to get these discounts.

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Get Fios Gigabit 940/880 Mbps Internet & 1 Free Year of Hulu & Disney+

Sign up to Verizon Fios' Gigabit internet plan & get blazing fast internet, plus a free year of popular streaming services Disney+ and Hulu.

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Combine Your Verizon Wireless & Fios Plans & Save!

Combine your Verizon Wireless and Fios plans and get $10 per month towards your next phone or tablet purchase.

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Get a $300 Verizon eGift Card!

Bring a device you already own to Verizon and get a $300 Verizon eGift card! Offer ends July 31st. No need to apply a coupon for this promotion.

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Up To $700 Off iPhone 11 or 11 Pro!

Save up to $550 with trade on select Unlimited. Plus, save $150 on Apple Watch. Switch to Verizon & save $150 more, plus get Verizon Stream TV, Echo Dot and Amazon Smart Plug on us. Offer ends July 22nd.

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Save $20 Off Verizon Wireless & Fios Bills:

When you add Fios Gigabit Connection. Plus get $10 to put towards your next phone or tablet. No promo code needed.

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Save 50% Off Activation Fees!

Click to view smartphones that Verizon is offering 50% off activation fees for. No promo code required.

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Get a Free Phone & 50% Off Activation Fees!

Check out Verizon's new offer where you can get a free smartphone and get 50% off activation fees for a limited time. No discount code required.

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Save up to 40% off Accessories!

Get up to 40% savings on accessories at Verizon Wireless. The more accessories you order, the bigger discount you'll receive! Offer ends July 31st.

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Save up to $200 with Military Discounts

Verizon offers military members discounts on Fios bundles and smartphones. Click to view all the latest offers, including up to $200 off Samsung smartphones. No promo code entry required.

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Browse All Of Verizon's Deals at Once!

Verizon Wireless has a dedicated deals page with all their new promotions and special offers to save you money on smartphones, Fios, bundles and more. No coupons needed to redeem these promotions.

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Upgrade Your Smartphone & Get Up To $250 with Trade-In:

Get up to $250 when you trade-in your smartphone for an upgrade. No coupon code required.

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Get an iPhone 7 For Free!

Right now Verizon Wireless is offering an iPhone 7 for free. New line required for this offer.

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Save $30 Off Apple AirPods Pro Headphones!

Instantly save $30 off Apple's Airpods Pro Headphones right now at Offer ends July 31st.

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Switch & Save up to $850 Off Samsung Galaxy S20 5G!

Save $300, online only. Plus buy one, save up to $1000 on another one with a new line. Or, get up to $700 with select trade-in. And you'll get 5G access at no extra charge. Select Unlimited is required for this offer.

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Get Exclusive Discounts For Teachers & Their Families:

Verizon offers discounts for teachers and their families on a dedicated deals page on Verizon's website. Click to view all the latest special offers. No promo codes required.

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Prepaid Deal: Get $60 Back When You Switch:

Switch to Verizon and get up to $60 back. Plus, you'll get waived activation fees. Savings differ depending on the prepaid phone you use (or if you bring one with you).

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Order the iPhone SE for Just $5/Month!

Get the iPhone SE for just $5/month for a limited time. New line and unlimited required to get this price on your plan. Offer ends July 31st.

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College Students Save up to $25 Per Month!

College students can save up to $25 per month with two lines on Unlimited. Plus taxes and fees. No coupon code required: verify with UNIDAYS to verify your eligibility.

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Get a Free Phone with No Trade-in Required.

Get a free phone when you switch or add a new line. No trade-in required for this promotion. Click to view all the smartphones currently offered for free.

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A Little Background Info on Verizon Wireless:

Verizon came into being in 2000 as the result of a joint venture between Bell Atlantic and Vodafone. Bell Atlantic would transition into become Verizon Communications, and Vodafone would later be bought out of their ownership stake, making Verizon Communications the sole owner. The company has a total of 2,330 locations, it offers a network that claims to cover 97% of the United States, and it consistently ranks first in network speed and reliability tests.

Beyond the standard wireless phone services that are offered by Verizon, the company also makes available wireless home phone as well as mobile Wi-Fi. If you are someone who constantly needs to be connected either for professional or personal reasons, Verizon has the products and services you need to remain ‘on the grid’ as often as possible.

Verizon Wireless is the largest wireless carrier in the United States, with more than 140 million subscribers to their credit. Respected by many for the quality and consistency of their network, Verizon is a solid choice when trying to pick a carrier that you are going to commit to for the term of a contract. Since more and more of modern life is tied to have a cellular connection at all times, picking a reliable network is important – and few can match up with what Verizon has to offer.

Verizon Wireless on the Web:

A company like Verizon – which is built on modern technology – certainly isn’t going to miss out on the opportunity to connect to its customers via social media. As you would expect, the Twitter and Facebook accounts that represent Verizon are consistently updated and well-run. An incredible 1.7+ million people follow the Verizon Twitter account, and the Facebook page is beyond 7 million likes. If there was any question as to the popularity of Verizon, those social media numbers alone are a ringing endorsement.

On Twitter, Verizon does an excellent job of replying to customer concerns and questions, as well as posting entertaining videos and other content. As is the case with most business accounts, there is plenty of duplication between the Twitter and Facebook pages, so you can choose to keep track of the one that is most convenient for you. Having the ability to use both Facebook and Twitter to contact a Verizon representative is a nice advantage if you are a subscriber, however, so you may want to keep both on your social media timelines just in case.

Verizon Wireless on YouTube:

Verizon does not fall down on their social media marketing when it comes to YouTube, as they are active on this platform as well. New videos are consistently posted, at a rate of at least a few every week. Some of the videos are simply commercials that are airing elsewhere as well, but some of the content is unique to the YouTube Channel. Specifically, there are some interesting pieces about how Verizon users take advantage of the network in their day to day live. For someone who is a loyal Verizon subscriber and is interested in the world of wireless communication, the Verizon YouTube Channel is one that shouldn’t be missed.