Vimeo Coupon

Vimeo Coupon

May 30, 2018 Off By Coupon Writer

Coupon Codes Updated For October 2020

Welcome to our list of coupon codes for Vimeo. These are all the codes that will get you the best discounts on, so that you can enjoy watching the broad range of videos Vimeo offers at a discounted price. All the codes are checked weekly to ensure that they are still valid and up to date, because we know how disappointing it can be to be promised a discount that won’t happen.

Vimeo is a popular online video sharing site which has recently expanded into the sale of alternative films as well as sharing videos uploaded by users. In 2013, it had the 3rd highest internet bandwidth use of any site, following Facebook and its main competitor, YouTube. The company makes an effort to differentiate itself from YouTube, and the foray into selling online films reflects this. The site utilizes a social media type approach to its user interface, with a feed of videos constantly rolling in from channels relevant to a user’s interests.

Best Vimeo Coupons Right Now:

Get 10% off for Vimeo Plus, Pro, Business, or Premium Annual Subscriptions

This coupon is valid until September 30th. Get 10% off when you purchase an annual subscription.

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Black Friday Promotion: Save 25% Off All Annual Vimeo Subscriptions!

From November 20th-27th, take 25% off all annual subscriptions to Vimeo.

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Save 10% on Vimeo Plus, PRO, Business or Premium

This is a site-wide coupon that'll save you on all Vimeo premium subscriptions.

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15% off Vimeo Plus and PRO Subscriptions

Save 15% on with this code.

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50% off Vimeo Plus/Pro Subscriptions billed annually

When you choose annual billing instead of monthly you will save 50% (or more!) off the price of your Vimeo Plus or Pro subscriptions.

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Save 15% Off Vimeo Subscriptions:

For the month of October you can save 15% off Vimeo's subscriptions packages

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How to Redeem Your Vimeo Coupons:

Selected the code you want? Good. Now that you have a coupon code, you’ll need to know how to apply it. The box to enter your promo code is hidden in a different place by every website, which can be super frustrating when you just want to watch a video at a discounted price. The following paragraph is a short guide to entering a promo code on Vimeo, and will make sure you get the discount you want.

If you don’t already have a Vimeo account, you’ll need to make one so that you can make purchases. Once this is done, select the subscription or individual film you’d like to pay for. You will be shown what your order is and its cost, and the site will prompt you to enter your Visa or PayPal details. Up the top, just below your order total and next to the payment service logos, is a small green link saying “Have a discount code?”. Click on this link, enter your promo code, double check that everything is spelt correctly and click “Add”. That’s it, you’re done! Enjoy your new discounted Vimeo account and enjoy the videos they have to offer.

A Little Background Info on

The company was founded in 2004 by a pair of men who wanted to create a new video sharing site. The name is a play on words, both as a combination of video and me, and as an anagram of movie. Once it gained popularity, Vimeo was acquired by IAC (InterActive Corp) in 2006. In 2008, the site famously enforced a ban on gaming videos, which was not lifted until 2014. Vimeo was noted for being the first video sharing site to stream HD videos, in 2007. It is also the site of choice for the White House, who upload all their broadcasts to Vimeo in HD quality.

Vimeo has a good reputation and system for sharing premium content such as documentaries. They have an annual Vimeo Awards where they commend their best content producers with prizes of up to $25,000. Businesses can also use Vimeo for advertising, but will need a Vimeo Pro account to upload commercial videos.

Like many video sharing sites, Vimeo has had its fair share of controversy, most notably around copyright issues and inappropriate content. It has been banned in India, and is currently banned in Indonesia and Turkey. However, the site generally retains a good name world wide, with a high standard of content that is appreciated by consumers. In the months to come (early 2016), Vimeo will roll out video streaming in 4k quality, an exciting innovation for the company.

Vimeo on the Web:

Vimeo is active on Facebook and Twitter, posting regular (hourly) updates which will be relevant to their fan base. They advertise new films available for purchase on their website as well as sharing updates with their users. They support the creative film makers using their service by advertising their films and run relatively popular social media accounts, with over 1 million Facebook followers. Their posts are at times inspirational, and most of them have an interesting twist – these are not posts that clutter up your feed. If you’re into film, you’ll enjoy hearing about all the new works Vimeo is offering.

Vimeo on YouTube:

Somewhat ironically, Vimeo do have a YouTube account. Their videos mainly advertise the services they provide and target certain groups such as creative professionals. They feature film makers using their website and cite how they support creativity, and are worth a watch to get a sense of what Vimeo offers as opposed to other similar video sharing websites.