Virgin Mobile Promo Codes

Virgin Mobile Promo Codes

August 6, 2018 Off By Coupon Writer

The Best Virgin Mobile Promo Codes Right Now:

$50 off of any iPhone

Use this promo code to get $50 off the purchase of an iPhone from Virgin Mobile.

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Unlimited services for $1/month

Buy an iPhone or bring your own over to Virgin and pay just $1/month for your first 6 months of service with Virgin Mobile

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Free Overnight Shipping on New Phones

This promo code will give you free overnight shipping on new phone purchases.

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Discounts on refurbished iPhones

Shop the pre-loved iPhone section and get phones for as low as $159!

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Special Edition Red iPhone 8

Red to match the Virgin brand! Get this beautiful limited edition phone while supplies last.

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Free Ground Shipping on New Phone Purchases

No promo code necessary, shipping is free when you order a new phone from Virgin Mobile.

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About Virgin Mobile

You’ve most likely heard of the Virgin Group of companies before, or at least their eccentric owner Richard Branson who is probably most famous for making trips around the world in a hot air balloon. What started as a music company many years ago has grown into a giant mega-company that offers services in many areas but is probably most famous for it’s airline and mobile phone divisions. Officially the parent company Virgin Group is an investment firm, and they have Health & Wellness, Telecoms & Media, Financial Services, Music & Entertainment, and Travel & Leisure companies under their umbrella. Worldwide there are more than 60 Virgin businesses in 35 countries.

The story of how they got into the airline business is kind of funny actually, Branson was trying to return to his home on Necker Island when the flight he was supposed to be on was cancelled leaving himself and several other passengers stranded. Instead of just accepting that he wasn’t going to get home that day, he chartered a private plane and offered seats to other passengers for a fee. Thus ‘Virgin Airlines’ was born, being that they were flying to one of the British Virgin Islands.

Technical Specs

The Virgin Mobile company uses Sprint’s nationwide LTE network to give you coverage anywhere in the United States. The network is on par with Verizon or AT&T’s networks and is more reliable and has better coverage than the Mobile-T network. This service will only get better as Sprint has plans for major upgrades to their network in 2018 to better server their customers.

Member Benefits

In addition to providing great cell phone services, Virgin Mobile has partnered with several other brands to get exclusive discounts for their customers. Some of these brands include Fossil, Reebok, 1-800 Flowers, Houzz, Indochino, Car2Go, Virgin Wines, and more! Member benefits are available to all Virgin Mobile customers at no extra cost and with no need to enrol in a program. All you need to do is browse the Member Benefits area and click on any offer that you would like to redeem. You will be provided with a unique coupon or promo code that will also be stored in the ‘My Benefits’ area of your account. Members are also able to enter contests for unique prizes and experiences!

Virgin Mobile Gives Back

The Virgin Group of companies has a long history of philanthropy, with many of their brands undertaking charitable work. Virgin Mobile USA in partnership with Sprint USA runs the 1Million project, whose aim is to get donated previously-used mobile devices and wireless internet access to students in lower income families who can not afford to purchase these items. They are trying to close the Homework Gap, which is lower income students who can not do online homework assignments or research because they do not have access to internet or devices on which to access it. They are hoping to provide 1 million high school students in the United States with access and devices, hence the name of the project. It is estimated that 5-million families with school-aged children in the United States are currently lacking in reliable internet access. Futhermore, research shows that these days 7 out of every 10 teachers are giving online homework assignments. Having reliable internet access will also allow them to apply for jobs, scholarships, and to post-secondary institutions. You can get involved by donating previously used but still functional mobile devices of any kind, regardless of what carrier they were previously being used on. The devices are then recycled or reused and the proceeds are used to purchase a new device for an at-need high school student. In addition Virgin Mobile has also pledged to donate $500 to the 1Million project for every 100 donated devices from their customers.

Virgin Mobile Phone Plans

By far the most popular plan offered by Virgin Mobile is the Inner Circle plan. It comes in at $50/month and includes unlimited talk, texting, and data. And yes, that is 4G LTE data. This plan is available with the purchase or number transfer of an iPhone device. There is no contract or commitment, your are free to cancel your plan any time you like however they are confident that you will not want to. The Inner Circle plan uses auto-pay to automatically charge your credit card every month so that you don’t need to remember to login to pay a bill, no missed payments! And you will never find any activation fees or other unexpected charges on your bill. If you need extras for your Inner Circle plan they are very easy to add on. You might need international calling starting at $5/month with service to Mexico, Canada, and more than 70 other countries. You can get insurance for your phone, which does include water damage, for $7 per month. You will also be covered in the event that you lose your phone or if it is stolen. For $10 per month you can also turn your phone into a mobile hotspot and connect up to 8 other devices to take advantage of the 4G LTE data for streaming video, listening to music, gaming, and more. The mobile hotspot does have it’s own allotment of data and if you exhaust that it will be inactive until the next billing cycle. If it is used off network then it will start using your 100MB of domestic roaming data included in your package, any amount used over that will be billed at the regular price.

If you are looking for a pre-paid plan they have got those covered as well. The ‘Data Love’ plan is $35/month and includes unlimited data, talk, and text plus unlimited streaming music and 5GB of 4G LTE. There is also the ‘Data Love+’ plan that is the same, but included 10GB of 4G LTE. That plan comes in at $45 per month. With Virgin video streams at 480p, music at 500kbps and cloud gaming at up to 2mbps. During times of network congestion, data is deprioritized, meaning that it may not be as fast as it normally is. If you are really a big spender there is also the Data Love Unlimited plan which will get you unlimited access to the 4G LTE network, that one comes in at $60 per month. If you use a lot of data, this is the plan for you.